The 5 Fs of High Fashion

Find yourself swooning over gorgeous garments in shop windows? Sonali Bhatnagar explains why...
High Fashion

We all adore high fashion. The moment we cross one of those high fashion stores and see the spotlight shining over that beautiful outfit assembled on the mannequin at the store window, our hearts melt into a puddle of pure delight. But what is it that causes this love at first sight for all the fashion enthusiasts?


The Fabric 

One of the main things that define the quality of the garment made by a high-end fashion label is the fabric that they choose.

Brands creating high fashion garments will craft outfits with nothing less than pure fabrics such as silk, wool, cotton and linen, or other forms of natural fibres that are available.

These are fabrics that are not only rich, sustainable and eco-friendly, but also protect the skin from damage and suffocation.

This is the reason that whenever we try on an expensive garment from one of these stores, they always feel so good and makes adding them to your basket inevitable.


The Fabrications 

Ever wondered what happens between designing and the time when the clothes are launched and brought into the store? It is the construction. Now when we say the word construction, it may seem like one sandwiched process between the two other processes, but it’s not, it’s so much more than that.

What happens during construction is a long process which is further divided into sub-processes such as material sourcing, dyeing, printing, pattern designing, R&D, testing, fabric manipulations, machine stitches, hand stitches, embellishments and much more depending on the style of the garment.

A number of people spend a number of hours during this phase actually transforming a flat piece of raw fabric into a gorgeously sculpted piece of art.

The fabrication process itself comprises 70% of the total overall process and 35% of the garment cost. 


The Fit 

High fashion isn’t tailored to one size fits all – no matter what shape or size you are, guaranteed you’ll find a garment that will leave you feeling and looking fabulous. Why? A high fashion brand designs to create clothing that feels like second skin (only better) no matter what shape you are.

An haute-couture garment is a specialised unique piece that forges your natural silhouette to give the perfect fit in the design you choose and makes you look and feel beautiful.


The Finery 

Often known as the feast for the eyes. These are the elements that bring out the life of the garment.

The details of goldwork, beadings, feathers, laces, thread embroideries, 3D embroideries and embellishments are known as finery.

This intricate work causes the ups and downs in the price tag of the garment, depending on the number of hours and skill sets that it takes to complete the ensemble. These are all the things that add the ‘Oh, this dress is so amazing!’ factor to the outfits. 


The Finishes 

A small but crucial part of high fashion is its finishes. No matter how much effort one puts into creating a garment, if the finishes aren’t up to the mark, the piece will not flatter.

One way to judge it is a secret that we’re about to tell you – there should be very little to no stitch marks or unfinished fabric edges on the outside or the inside of the garment. Surprised? Grab the most expensive garment, take a look from the outside. Then turn it inside out and look carefully again. You will not find a single frayed edge or a stitch line on the garment.

These are the ones that are done by hand in a way that they are almost invisible to the human eye. The opulent look comes only when the finishes are done just right.

There, you now have the classified information about high-fashion garments and what makes you swoon over them. Next time you won’t just admire it from the store window but you will actually see why you love it.

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