Working On A Sunshine State of Mind

Working On A Sunshine State of Mind

Working On A Sunshine State of MindTeresa Peters is our luxe life coach. Her job as an EMCC accredited executive and life coach at senior practitioner level is to support and energise people with the tips and tools to help them feel more fulfilled and find an ability to thrive both personally and professionally.

She lives with her husband and three children in Northumberland, where she loves nothing more than enjoying the great outdoors and the natural beauty on her doorstep.

Throughout the pandemic, Teresa has turned her hand to virtual coaching for individuals and businesses big and small. Sam Spoors is a recent client flourishing from the results of Accelerator Coaching…

Sam is the owner and founder of Talentheads, a talent and resourcing business designed to work as an internal function for growing organisations to recruit and retain the very best people.

Like many, 2020 was a big year for Sam. She wound down a business and created a short-term business to help those affected by job uncertainty due to the pandemic.

On top of that, she had a beautiful COVID wedding and has moved to her forever home in Morpeth. When she’s not working, her four energetic children and step-children like to keep her busy. With the launch of her new talent business, she turned to Teresa for performance and leadership coaching…


Sam Spoors

Job title:

Founder and Talent and Resourcing Director



I decided to look into professional coaching because…

Being a business owner is challenging. And to do it in a pandemic brings a completely different challenge.

I wanted to work with someone who could help me find balance, provide me with perspective and ensure I was establishing the foundations of Talentheads based on my values, passions, successes and approach.

It has been key for my development because…

It has ensured that I have a well-thought-out approach to business. It has helped me to review my strengths and share my ideas.

Being able to go over my thoughts with a professional has allowed me to gain perspective and weigh up all of my options when growing and moving forward.

Some of the tools I have found most useful are…

Simply chatting things through and looking further into yourself and your approach. Being a leader, you naturally do that for others, however it is incredibly valuable to be able to review and understand your own needs. The DiSC and strengths profiling provided an evidence-based approach which was complemented by the fluidity of the coaching each week.

I have used all of these findings when approaching new clients, hosting important meetings and when having to dig deep during the pandemic.

Teresa’s bespoke approach meant that…

I felt 100% supported throughout. She is personable, full of energy and you can’t help leave every session with a spring in your step.

She truly listens and challenges… then the answers come flooding in. Being a business owner can be lonely, but with a professional sounding-board, you feel like you have certainty as your ideas have been validated.

5 Reasons I would recommend to friends and peers…

– It’s an eye opener when you have concentrated on others for the majority of your career

– A rewiring is sometimes needed: I now see ‘stressful’ meetings as ‘important’ meetings, which put things hugely into perspective

– It’s empowering to know your strengths and approach – it gives you confidence and resilience knowing yourself

– It gives you the time and space to stop and refocus. Our weekly meetings allowed me to work ‘on the business’ rather than ‘in the business’

– You have support. You need professionals around you when growing a business, and Teresa is definitely that!

What’s next for my business…

Due to large contract wins, we are growing. We are working alongside managers and senior stakeholders who are looking to engage with experts who can come into their business and work shoulder to shoulder with them.

We’re going to concentrate on the talent and resourcing service we provide, building partnerships along the way. I’m excited – bring it on!

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