New STEM Opportunities At RGS

The Royal Grammar School, Newcastle, appoints new teacher to highlight the region’s STEM opportunities to young people...

The RGS has appointed an experienced Physics teacher to join its Partnerships Department

Tom Williams, who has been teaching the subject for 11 years, hopes his outreach role will help to retain STEM talent in the North East, by highlighting the incredible opportunities available in the region to young people.

“I’m really excited about opening the eyes of the potential future STEM candidates to the opportunities, both career and educational, that they have on their doorstep,” said Tom.

“Very often, we as a society, don’t realise what’s going on around us in terms of the engineering and the science, and in working with industry, companies and organisations, we can bring awareness of this and the career possibilities to the young people of the area.

“The North East has produced amazing STEM talents in the past, and people don’t appreciate the importance they have had on the region and the world in terms of technological advancement. That potential could exist in young people who don’t realise it or perhaps choose other paths, so I am looking forward to helping them discover it.”

Tom, who will split his time between being classroom-based at the RGS and working in its partnership schools, is also hoping to instil his passion and enthusiasm for Physics into the students he will teach.

“I love my subject and want more people to love it as it seems to have a reputation for being inaccessible with most people,” he said.

“It’s a fascinating and fantastic subject and I have always liked it because I’m curious about how things work and why they work the way they do. I want to deliver that curiosity and encourage it in others, so that Physics isn’t just seen as a tough subject. I believe everyone should have a scientific understanding about how things work to some degree and that’s another reason I wanted this job.”

This term will see Tom work alongside Director of Partnerships, John Smith, in building relationships with the relevant members of staff of the schools already involved in RGS’s partnership programme, including several junior schools.

Tom is also looking to exploit opportunities and partnerships, to not only provide organisations and companies with an education outreach opportunity, but so he can use the science that goes on in the area as the context for his delivery of content in schools, which he will start visiting in September for the 2020/21 academic year.

Speaking about the appointment, John Smith, said: “We are hugely grateful to the Reece Foundation for shaping and funding this exciting new role at RGS. The planning for the Physics Community position began many months ago, so to see Tom in position is amazing for all involved.

“Even in his short time with us, Tom has been fizzing with ideas and enthusiasm and we are now ready to get the work off the ground, both in terms of reaching students beyond RGS and also offering staff CPD across the region. In September, Sarah Sharp, another experienced teacher, will be joining us in the mirror Community Maths role – exciting times indeed! We are very much open to schools and local educators to get in touch to find out more.”

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