How To Restore Your Furniture With Delcor

How To Restore Your Furniture With Delcor

At Luxe HQ we love nothing more than watching a transformation come to life. Whether that’s upcycling your wardrobe, refreshing your home or restoring bespoke furniture. And it seems that our friends at Delcor have the same vision.

The creative geniuses at Delcor offer their clients the unique ability to restore bespoke furniture designs to their original splendour, thanks to their refurbishment service.

Think stripped-back frames restored with new springs, cushions, foams and a fabric or leather makeover – a whole new look upcycled from its original glory. The team of experts offer their clients a complete reupholstering makeover, giving your bespoke Delcor furniture a new lease of life. Perfect for those looking for a cost-effective option. Plus, now you can save 45% on refurbishments thanks to their limited time offer. 

Giving your home a makeover can often seem like a daunting task. Mess, chaos and the thought of being without furniture for long periods of time is off-putting to many. Which is why doing your research and seeking out high quality and time-efficient companies is essential to help you get the work done.

When it comes to restoring Delcor furniture, the team makes extra efforts to ensure that everything they may possibly require to upholster your furniture is available and at hand in their historical Northumberland Mill before they collect your furniture. Meaning that they have everything they need to complete their refurbishment services in a timely manner and promise to have your furniture back to you, with a new lease of life, in as little as 4-weeks.

How Delcor’s refurbishment service operates

Step 1

After plenty of years of comfort and satisfaction, everyday life can gradually begin to take its toll on your Delcor furniture – with slight stains and scratches spoiling the enjoyment of your handcrafted piece. When this occurs, the trusted Delcor refurbishment service can be of help.

Step 2

If you find yourself looking for refurbishment services, the delivery team at Delcor are able to collect your furniture and strip it down to its original framework in their historical Northumberland Mill.

Here, your bespoke furniture will be rebuilt with the utmost precision. Their master craftsmen and women carefully assess each job as an individual service, ensuring fillings and materials are properly renewed and all aspects checked over and replaced wherever necessary, reviving your beautiful Delcor furniture to immaculate condition.

Step 3

The Delcor furniture specialists then re-upholster your bespoke furniture to your exact preferences. Whether you choose to stay true to your original furniture visions and re-upholster with the same fabric, or you decide to choose a new colourway from their extensive library of over 10,000 designer fabrics and leathers, the choice is yours.

From beautiful checks from Colefax & Fowler to contemporary prints from Linwood fabrics, however you envision your refurbishment, the next time you see it, your piece of Delcor furniture will be as good as new, and completely refurbished to an immaculate level.

Yes, that’s it. Just three simple steps to beautifully restored Delcor furniture.

Since opening in 1967, Delcor has kept all of their client’s furniture records, detailing every specific request so that, should you require any repairs or replacements for your piece of Delcor furniture, they have all the information they need to restore your piece to its former glory.

Refurbishment is a cost-effective, simple way to extend the life of your prized possession and lessens the negative environmental impact that the furniture industry has on our planet. 

If you’re looking to schedule your refurbishment service, simply get in touch with one of the furniture specialists to discuss your needs – or if you’d prefer to talk to one of the experts in person, you can now visit one of the bespoke furniture showrooms located across the UK. 

Get in touch with the Delcor team today to discuss their expert furniture Refurbishment service. Visit their website for full terms and conditions:

*50-year guarantee excludes dining chairs, visit Delcor’s terms and conditions page for further information.