How To Find The Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

How To Find The Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

When you first get engaged, the size of the task on your hands can be pretty overwhelming. From deciding on a venue and perfecting the guest list to choosing the dress, food, entertainment and everything in between, it might seem a little intimidating.

But there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to come with tons of help and heaps of fun and that’s ensuring your bridesmaids feel special in their gorgeous gowns.

So, without further ado, here are a few tips on choosing the perfect bridesmaid dresses and making your bride tribe feel special on your big day.


Colour palette

Colour palettes are an essential part of any bridesmaid dress design. Whether you’re going for darker tones or lighter hues, there are a few things to take into consideration before deciding on ‘the one’.

First of all, it’s important you have decided on your colour theme for your whole wedding. Whatever it may be, you want your bridesmaids to match the decor, flowers and groomsmen.

Another key factor is the time of the year. Deep greens, gorgeous blues and classic reds are ideal for the autumn and winter months. Whereas, for a springtime wedding, opting for pastel shades is a popular choice and in summer we go bright, bold and colourful.

Confident bridesmaids are happy bridesmaids – avoid colours that may make your bridal team feel uncomfortable. While it’s your wedding, you want the women beside you glowing and feeling radiant too.

Try making a list of your ideal colour options, narrow it down to certain shades of a specific colour and get your girls to try on a variety – get them involved and ask their opinion.

How To Find The Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses


Think seasonally

Whether you’re having your wedding in summer or autumn will have a big effect on how you choose your bridesmaid dresses and overall wedding theme.

Certain colours, such as champagne or blush, are suitable for weddings all year round. Whatever the season, these colours are a safe choice.

A chic rust colour would suit autumn and even early winter weddings thanks to their similarities with the falling golden leaves.

Planning a Christmas wedding? Then red is a must – throw in some green too for good measure.

Summer can be a lot easier to play with, thanks to the bright, sunny colours that immediately come to mind.

Choosing a vibrant colour for your bridesmaid’s dresses in late spring or summer is always going to go down well. The options are endless.

How To Find The Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses


Every shape and size

No two women are the same, so finding bridesmaid dresses that suit your whole bridal party is key when searching for the right dresses.

Finding a-line bridesmaid dresses fitted at the natural waistline that looks great on all body types should also be a priority when searching for the right styles.

Some may be slightly more conscious about their arms than others, so a capped sleeve bridesmaid dress design might be the way to go.

Ultimately, finding the balance between all your bridesmaids’ preferences is the key to making the group feel
special, comfortable and confident.


Less is more

In our eyes, simplicity is a virtue. Overcomplicating your bridesmaid dresses can make them feel and look cluttered and messy.

Simple designs and patterns like satin bridesmaid dresses can keep your bridal party looking sophisticated, while one block colour palettes will keep the whole bridal party seam together perfectly.

If you’re worried you’re going a bit over the top with your bridesmaid dresses, tone back colours, textures and styles until you’re happy with the final result.

Making your bridesmaids feel special should never be overlooked when planning your wedding. Nailing your bridal party’s look and making them feel special is the perfect way to say thank you for standing by you.