Must-Have Jewellery For Mother’s Day

Newcastle-based designer and founder of SALOME, Kellie Daniels, tells us why giving the gift of gorgeous jewellery stands the test of time - perfect for saying 'I love you' this Mother's Day...
Mother's Day Jewellery

Jewellery has the power to transcend time and evoke the most wonderful memories. What could be more empowering than a daily reminder of your mother that gives you strength, offers you protection and fills you with love? When it comes to jewellery and forging a link between the generations, forget fast fashion and focus on forever pieces that are timeless by association. Jewellery doesn’t need to be expensive to have true meaning or encourage a strong mother-daughter bond. A little gem, full of positive energy and consciously handcrafted, can be just as precious as a designer piece with a high price point. And with Mother’s Day just around the corner it’s the perfect time to make your special connection shine. 

The unbreakable bond

The jewellery connection between generations is not a new phenomenon, but a time-honoured tradition, spanning the centuries. Perhaps the most vivid example is that of Anne Bolyen and her daughter, Elizabeth I. It is thought that the iconic ‘B’ pearl necklace, famously worn by Anne during her courtship and fateful marriage to Henry VIII, was stashed away after her execution and given to Elizabeth as a precious memento of her mother. While it is possible that Elizabeth wore the pearls for a portrait at the age of 13, another story favoured by Tudor historians is that she preserved the precious pearls and had them set in the Imperial State Crown as a lasting and powerful tribute to her mother. Two strong women connected by an unbreakable jewellery bond.

Queen Victoria was another historical figure who recognised the emotional significance of jewellery, commissioning sentimental pieces to mark the death of her mother and her daughter, Princess Alice.

Fast forward to the 21st century and the modern-day royal family, and the jewellery connection is very much alive and kicking. Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with the instantly recognisable Ceylon sapphire engagement ring that belonged to his mother, Princess Diana – a poignant reminder that jewellery can have strong emotional connections for men as well as women.

Likewise, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, chose a beautiful aquamarine ring of Princess Diana’s for her wedding reception. It was a symbolic and incredibly touching gesture, and a delightful way to honour her husband’s mother.

A special connection

For Kellie Daniels, Newcastle-based jewellery designer and the founder of SALOME, it was a very special connection that brought her brand to life.

Although Kellie lost her mother at the age of 19, she found a wonderful way to honour her memory and ensure that her spirit lives on: “Most jewellery designers name their brands after themselves, but I wanted my process to be more meaningful and by naming the brand, SALOME, I could create a world in tribute to my beautiful mother, who continues to inspire and me and whose love carries me through each day. Each pair of SALOME tribal earrings has my mother’s name in a gold tag at the centre, signifying that she’s at the very heart of all my designs.”

Kellie and her mother shared a real love of jewellery and a passion for unique pieces: “I inherited all her jewellery and the pieces that really stand out to me and have the most amazing memories are her wedding ring, a ruby ring, which features her birthstone and her high school graduation ring, which is inset with the most beautiful sage green aventurine. The rings are particularly evocative as I can picture her wearing them. Every time I wear them, I’m instantly transported back to my childhood and can remember what it felt like to hold her hand. I really feel so connected to her through jewellery – it’s very powerful.”

This shared love of jewellery and special connection is something that Kellie has passed on to her own daughters: Ella, Scarlett and Vivienne. “My girls are my entire world,” she adds. “Having lost my mother as a teenager I really understand the importance of being a mother and feel so honoured every day that I get to be that special person in their lives. All three girls love wearing SALOME jewellery and occasionally join me in the studio to tinker with new designs or stone combinations.”

Make it meaningful

Jewellery is a beautiful, emotional and lasting way to remind your mother just how much she means to you and to strengthen your unique connection. When it comes to selecting the perfect piece for your guiding light this Mother’s Day, Kellie has some meaningful suggestions: “The stones most closely related to mothers are rose quartz, which symbolises unconditional love and emotional strength, moonstone, which represents feminine power and mental strength, and aquamarine, which is the stone of serenity, calmness and protection and was a sublime choice for Meghan’s wedding day. Our tribal earrings are available in both aquamarine and rose quartz and embody the very essence of motherhood. Of course, you may want to pick a piece that incorporates your mother’s birthstone or choose a gemstone that personifies your maternal goddess. It’s all about harnessing that special connection.”

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