Instagram Accounts for Bedroom Decor Inspo

Our obsession with home styling soared during lockdown, with the bedroom topping the priority list. We've teamed up with Essential Living and colour expert Momtaz Begum-Hossain to give you the best Instagram accounts to follow for bedroom decor inspiration this spring...
Bedroom Decor Inspo

A bedroom is like a sanctuary – a personal space to relax and get a good night’s sleep. Whilst relaxation is important for our physical and mental health, new research by Essential Living reveals the colours in our bedrooms have a significant impact on our quality of sleep.

During lockdown last year, our obsession with home styling soared as 1 in 5 Brits said they spent time cleaning a room to create ‘the perfect photo’ to upload to social media. Instagram is a particularly popular platform for showcasing our dreamy interior aesthetic.

Teaming up with colour expert Momtaz Begum-Hossain, the team has done some digging to give you the best Instagram accounts to follow for bedroom decor inspiration, along with some simple ways interior design will help boost your quality of sleep.


Leclair Decor

Leclair Decor, founded by husband and wife Sacha and Melissa Leclair, began as a side hustle in 2011. However, once the pair bought and revamped their first home showcasing their work to social media received attention and they started receiving inquiries about decorating services for their spaces.

Utilising mostly whites and creamy tones, contrasted with warm woods and unexpected pops of primary colours, they create a sleek, stylish look helping them gain 262,000 followers.

New research revealed pastel colours white, grey and blue are this year’s most popular bedding colours. Timeless and effortless, these calming hues ‘harmonise perfectly’ whilst adapting to any environment with unfused serenity.

Bedroom Decor Inspo


Colour expert, Momtaz Begum-Hossain says: “Low-energy colours, which are less saturated such as neutral tones like white, grey, and blue are not as stimulating. That’s why they’re a popular choice for bedrooms.”

Incorporating bold colours such as yellow, red or purple that radiate energy will jeopardise your quality of sleep, making it harder for you to wind down after a busy day.

Momtaz believes colours work best when they’re together. Whilst grey can promote tranquillity, too much of it can feel oppressive, therefore combining it with light pastels will help maintain that tranquil equilibrium.


Cozy Home Shots

This Instagram account, set up by Sevgi Urgancioolgu highlights nordic, bohemian, minimalistic styles. Whilst her personal account has just under 300 followers, @cozyhomeshots has a huge 798,000 followers.

Here she uses warm orange and terracotta tones, which are attractive colours for interiors and textured throws and cushions in these colours can help get you feeling all warm and cosy at night.

Bedroom Decor Inspo


“Within the orange spectrum, the best shade for a bedroom would be a soft apricot, as it is warm enough to be uplifting and welcoming, yet light enough not to distract. The pinky undertones in peach promote romance creating a room that has a gentle, whimsical charm”, says Momtaz.

She also incorporates the colour green through plant life which can significantly help promote sleep, oxygen levels as well as reducing blood pressure, fatigue and headaches.

Momtaz says: “Green accents signify nature, and restore equilibrium to soak up any negative tensions. I recommend enhancing green further by introducing plant life into the bedroom, such as trailing ivy which also purifies the air.”



Founder of luxury home decor retailer, Trendy Barn Interiors, Sammy has splashed her love for design on her own personal account with some beautiful, luxurious decor styles that are to-die-for. Her white and grey inspired interior has attracted 115,000 followers.

In terms of promoting sleep, Sammy has got it spot on, creating what Momtaz likes to call a ‘luxury boudoir’. This aesthetic has a more sensual feel where colour, texture, and patterns are coordinated to create a bedroom that is bold and beautiful. White walls with panels and details also contribute to this luxurious setting.

Bedroom Decor Inspo


Introducing accents of silver into your space will help you drift off to sleep much easier. Momtaz says: “Moonlight and silver share a connection, the moon is a symbol of winding down for the evening so will promote relaxation.”

It’s not all about the colour scheme to enjoy a blissful night’s sleep. According to Momtaz, “Your bed is the central feature of a boudoir bedroom. A rich jewel-toned velvet bedspread will complement the theme while soft cushions should always adorn the bed.”


Home For Willow

This bright and colourful Instagram account created by dog lover, Imogen, gives us ultimate spring interior envy. With her dog Willow as the star of the account, it’s no surprise it has 12,700 followers, helped by her clever naturalistic pastel colour combinations, plant life and luxurious homeware accessories, creating a truly beautiful space.

Bedroom Decor Inspo


Her bedroom decor is particularly dreamy, using green as her base colour along with cosy blankets and assets of plant life. Painting your bedroom walls green help create a calm and peaceful atmosphere and research has found that people who sleep in green rooms get an average of seven hours and 30 minutes of sleep per night.

Momtaz says: “Green is the colour of balance, harmony, and growth. If you’re going through periods of change, work-related stress, personal anxiety, or relationship strains, green can offer comfort, elements of green in a bedroom, whether it’s through plant life, a rug, or bedding.”

Bedroom Decor Inspo


One of the most popular plants across the UK during the last lockdown was the Snake plant. Whilst high levels of CO2 can affect our cognitive skills and productivity however, this plant particularly removes harmful chemicals from the air to help you sleep better at night- and not to mention it looks beautiful.


Glam Interior Design

This home decor inspiration account treats us to rooms with hues of glamour. Whilst we don’t see much about the person behind the pictures, they have a real passion for luxury design and a following of 124,000 followers.

This bedroom design certainly doesn’t look cheap however, the beautiful use of mirrored gold and leather cream is extremely inviting. Whilst the base colour of this design is beige, which Momtaz believes is ‘ordinary and makes the room feel clinical, rather than comforting’, this designer has introduced accents of gold for a more palatial look, which will add richness and warmth to a space.

Bedroom Decor Inspo


Momtaz says: “Bedrooms are a special place, that deserves more thought than the ‘easy option’, so instead of beige, let your senses guide you to other colours that make you feel calm. “

Waking up can be difficult, especially if your bedroom gets morning shade, however using the colour gold will promote a sense of increased happiness and well being without being overtly intense.


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