How To Prepare For Life After Lockdown

With a roadmap set to return the uk to ‘normality’ it’s time to make yourself a priority. Molly Ferguson discusses how to prepare for life after lockdown...
How To Prepare For Life After Lockdown

With Lockdown restrictions beginning to ease across the UK, the return to ‘normal’ life is on the horizon. But before we dive headfirst back into our busy routines, we’re taking a moment to enjoy the little things – something we’ve all learnt the importance of over the past year. With that in mind, here are five self-care activities to prepare you for life after lockdown.

Connect with loved ones

There’s no better feeling than putting the world to right with your family and friends.

Whether you give them a call or meet them for a walk in the park, connecting with your loved ones can help lighten the load of your worries, stress and fears. Knowing how to care for your loved ones and understanding what they need can only be understood through communication. Not only that, but it may just brighten their day too.

How To Prepare For Life After Lockdown


Grow your hobbies

I think most of us went into this pandemic thinking we were going to write the next epic novel, or complete the whole of Netflix, but times got pretty tough and daily tasks were a struggle for some of us, never mind completing near-impossible tasks.

Picking a new hobby, however, I’m pretty sure was on everyone’s agenda and it wasn’t a bad way to go.

With lockdown easing, it doesn’t mean you have to put your new-found hobby back on the shelf, it’s important to continue to make time for the things we learned to love.

Take your online book club to your local coffee shop, take your yoga class from your bedroom to the studio or set up a stall at the local market to sell your needlework.

Let’s celebrate the little things that got us through lockdown.

How To Prepare For Life After Lockdown


Pamper yourself

Self-care is crucial in maintaining a positive relationship with yourself.

If we can take one thing away from the past twelve months, it’s to realise the importance of looking after ourselves – both physically and mentally. Spending time on you is not only okay, but it’s essential.

Stepping back from our busy lives, opening a bottle of the good stuff and popping on a face mask should definitely be incorporated into our ‘new normal’.

How To Prepare For Life After Lockdown


At-home workout

Home workouts have been revolutionised since the pandemic kicked in.

Rolling out the yoga mat in the living room or doing the latest HIT workout on YouTube has become the new norm for most of us and is something we can definitely continue to do even as the gyms begin to reopen.

Over the past year, we’ve learned the benefits of both gym workouts and home workouts and we certainly plan on adding both into our fitness routine.

How To Prepare For Life After Lockdown


Check in with yourself

Now while this might seem like less of an activity and more of a sit still and stare into space kind of deal, stay with us.

We want you to ask yourself “How are you doing?”, check in with yourself and understand what it is your body and mind needs before our lives change once again.

Take a step away from technology and social media, you’ll thank yourself for it. Doing this is one of the most important ways to look after yourself and improve your mental health.

While we love the world of social media, sometimes it appears that our feeds are filled with daunting news and immaculate lives we can’t compare ourselves to. Taking a minute, an hour or a day away from the screen can do amazing things for our mental wellbeing and allows us to focus on what’s going on in our own lives.

How To Prepare For Life After Lockdown

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