Invest In Sustainable Furniture From Delcor

How To Customise Your Furniture

Why choose Delcor? 

With Delcor, it’s personal. They tailor your chosen design to meet your every like, need and want. 

Once the specifics have been discussed and agreed upon, they then hand-make your sofa, chair or bed from scratch to your complete satisfaction.

In today’s throwaway society, the Delcor Difference is that their furniture is made to last a lifetime. They understand the desire to own things of beauty, which is why they make truly unique masterpieces. 

For over 50 years, they’ve been quietly building their reputation and flying the flag for British craftsmanship with their made to measure furniture.

What products can be made to measure? 

The team of experts at Delcor can make any sofa, chair or bed to any height, width or depth you desire. 

Every Delcor piece is hand made to order and can be built to any size you wish. They do offer standard sizes, but if you want something different and unique to your home, then the team can make it.

A Delcor product is a highly personal piece of furniture. This isn’t an ‘off-the-peg’ purchase but something of true beauty that takes your personal style and preferences to heart and hand-crafts them into every detail.

Be inspired 

In each of their five showrooms around the country, you will stumble across their Inspiration Studios, where dedicated designers are waiting to help you decide on the piece that will bring you a lifetime of pleasure. 

What can you expect? They’ll personally take you through every step of the enjoyable journey of deciding on your original masterpiece.

Whether you want a sofa that’s going to blend with your existing décor or you want a piece that will stand out and set the style, they’ll find the best design for you. 

The best part? Their designers have a genuine passion for fabric and upholstery and certainly know their Victorians from their Chesterfields, so whether you want to embrace the latest urban Italian style or go retro, they’re always on hand to provide the best advice. 

Experience true comfort 

Why compromise comfort for style when you can have it all? All of Delcor’s products are as much made for pleasure, as made to measure and they tailor them to satisfy your idea of absolute comfort. 

All of their cushion fillings are the highest quality, whether you prefer the natural softness of duck and down or the bounciness of extra firm foam – they’ve got you covered.

Fibre and duck feather options can be further customised to your preference – if you want 20% more filling, you can have it.

It’s all in the detail

Once you’ve settled on your preferred style, the finer details come into play. 

If you want your chaise longue a little longer or your high back sofa a little lower, a deeper seat or a wider arm, the team of experts will create it to match your exact needs. 

When they say it’s uniquely crafted for you, they mean it. The team select and cut the timber for the hardwood frames at their very own sawmill in Northumberland – it doesn’t get more personal than that.

The world’s finest fabrics

You’ve covered the what’s and the how’s, finalised the details and discussed the comfort level, now it’s time to make it unique to your style.

The team at Delcor will provide you with excellent advice on the style, type and colour of fabric that will best suit your product and your lifestyle.

If like us, you love shopping around for the perfect product, then you will love choosing from over 10,000 designer fabrics and leathers from around the world to create your bespoke furniture. The range includes thousands of pattern, checks, solid and print styles in every colour and design. 

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Fear not, their designers will source it for you. if you want something authentic to a particular period or a fabric to match your existing furniture, the team of designers are on hand to help. 

If you’re looking for a unique, personalised and stylish piece of furniture or simply looking for some interior advice, then visit for more information.