How to Add Character to Your Walls

How to Add Character to Your Walls

The empty walls in your home have the potential to refresh your space and add visual interest.

Think of your walls as empty canvases that are ripe for your creative imagination. If you are an adventurous homeowner, you are in luck because we have outlined several wall décor tips below to spruce up your home…

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Splashing a coat of paint is the fastest way to give your walls a new lease of life. If you have a lively personality, you will appreciate the vibrancy of bold colours like ombre, orange, gold, yellow, and red.

You can use different paints to create a themed interior for various rooms in your home. For example, a forest green shade in your living room will introduce a slice of nature and create a calming interior.

We’d recommend using blue shades to create coastal vibes.

Play it safe with a white aesthetic to create a clean, bright and airy environment. You can opt for white-lacquered walls or textured white for an exciting twist.

Painting in horizontal or vertical stripes will make a room feel spacious, as long as you are keen during taping, measuring, and marking. Creating striped walls takes a lot of effort, but they are worth it in the end.

If you feel particularly bold, you can use two colours to create a striking contrast on your walls. Keep in mind that a lighter colour should be used at the top to make the room seem taller while a darker colour should be used at the bottom to ground the space.

Faux Wood Wallpaper

The wood-look has become incredibly popular, thanks to the fantastic wood patterns available for homeowners.

You can use these wallpapers to add a rustic log cabin or cosy country feel to your home.

Wood-effect wallpaper is also a cheaper alternative to wood panelling, and you can easily change them down the line.

Modern faux-wood wallpapers mimic the raw and natural beauty of wood and can create an industrial, urban, rustic, or realistic look, depending on your desired style.

The unfinished aesthetic of faux-wood wallpaper is quite versatile, and it can be used in the living area, dining room, bedrooms, and kitchen. You can use the wallpaper to highlight a cosy corner or the kitchen backsplash.


Assemble a Gallery Wall

You can personalise your walls by creating a striking gallery. Photo walls will create a focal point in any room and add character to bland walls.

Start by collecting the art you want to display, whether you want to showcase family photos, handmade prints, original photographs, or gorgeous unique prints.

Play around with frames, sizes and layouts. For example, contemporary interiors blend well with black and white frames. If you have differently-coloured objects, you can use a neutral colour on the wall to highlight your choice of visual pieces.

You can either use a neat arrangement or let the pieces flow in an organic format depending on the desired look you’re trying to achieve.

Hang Murals

Wall murals can transform your space and teleport you to dreamy places – Paris anyone?

There are many options for customisation, size, materials, and images for any modern homeowner. You can use scenic wall-to-wall murals to open up your space and add depth.

A great and unique idea could be to commission artists for hand-painted pieces that can blend seamlessly in intimate spaces like the living area.

The artist will use a canvas that will fit your wall, and you can ask them to apply a finish coat to ensure the mural is resistant to stains.

Use Wall Mirrors

While mirrors are mainly functional items in most households, you can get creative and use them for creative purposes too.

They make a room feel spacious, and they will add depth to your space.

You can use them to enhance the natural light in living areas and kitchens by placing them opposite windows.

If you want a dramatic look, you can add mirrors to an entire wall to multiply the feeling of space. Large mirrors are perfect for small spaces or narrow areas like hallways. Play around with modern options such as round mirrors, ornate models, and coastal frames.


Create a Basket Wall

On-trend basket walls have been popularised by the likes of Instagram and Pinterest, and the gorgeous look can be easily created to suit your home’s style.

Baskets can complement a coastal, boho, or rustic interior, and you can start by collecting a variety of them in different colours, textures, and sizes.

Check local thrift stores or online shops like Etsy to sourse your baskets.

Experiment with horizontal or vertical layouts to get the best orientation for your space. You can place smaller baskets around a larger one to add interest to your wall. If used right, baskets can eliminate the need for artwork and become the focal point themselves.


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