Preparing for Senior School Entrance Assessments

Luxe checks in with Mrs Quinn, Deputy Head, at Westfield School to discuss preparing for senior school entrance assessments for year 7 and 9...
Westfield School

At Westfield School, assessment day is purely about the school finding out more about the individual, there is no pass or fail; they do not believe in sending out sample papers like other schools choose to do.

“Our normal entry process is for girls to attend our Open Day in October and register their interest in time for our assessment day on Saturday 6th February 2021. This is for all girls interested in starting Year 7 or Year 9 in September 2021,” says Mrs Quinn.


Westfield is a non-selective school and the assessment helps find out what academic level the pupil is at, to put plans in place to bridge any gaps (if needed), provide extra support or provide guidance on reaching specific goals. 

On this day, the pupil will also get to meet their peers and will be able to familiarise themselves with the school setting. In addition, some girls can showcase their talents by entering for a scholarship assessment for sport, performing or creative arts.  

“Our education provision is focused on the individual, as a small school, we are able to provide teaching that will bring the most achievable outcomes for the pupil. My advice to anyone coming in for an entrance assessment is, ‘It’s not an exam, just stay relaxed and come and tell us all about yourself,” says Mrs Quinn.

The school will re-open on the 4 January 2021. Find out more about Westfield and peruse the selection of videos available on their website,

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