Steve Black’s Tips To Close Out 2020 With Positivity

Let's say goodbye to 2020 with positivity and hope for a better 2021...

2020 has been a year that few of us anticipated, full of change and unforeseen restrictions.

The impact on mental health has been huge, so with that in mind sporting conditioning coach and corporate motivational practitioner, Steve Black gives his top tips for closing out the year with some positivity: “Every year is mixed with its ups and downs, but 2020 has without a doubt been one of the most challenging years any of us have faced.

“It is hugely important though to keep positivity, to listen and to care and share. Life is about, at the end of the day, relationships and to be happy we need to focus on that. Here are my tips on doing that.”

positive1 – Believe in yourself Yes its been a hard year but you have got this. Indulge in some self talk. Keep a journal and everyday list the people you have had interaction with and the impact you will have had on their lives. Value your worth and spend some time recruiting fans. By that, I mean surround yourself with those who have positive affirmations of you and what you do!

2 – Be there for others Take the time to make small talk, project what you want for self onto others. I am big believer in what you give is what you get back. Give time, which is the most valuable thing any of us have. And remember that each interaction you have is an opportunity to shape someone else, to affect their day, their mood and their potential. You have influence.

3 – Remember that reputation matters In everything you do, make you proud. Look for positive routes to action and care about what you do, what you say and who you deal with. Be kind, be honest, and be focused on improvement. Focus on the three P’s – People, Purpose and Priorities. By doing that all with grace, your reputation builds in the right way, which will open doors for more of what you need, be it love, business, success or interaction.

“By following these three simple mantras, you can end 2020 in a better, more positive frame of mind. You can look back on the end of the year and know that the mark you left is positive, has been impactful and that you can start 2021 with the same strong focus on the future.

“Most importantly to you all – be safe and God bless.”

Steve Black is a well-known face in the sporting world who has taken his expertise in making people fit in the mind as well as fit in the body through his corporate facing business, Protean Solutions. Steve Black has been focusing on working with both individuals and organisations driving motivation, teamwork, leadership and excellence in the workplace.

His portfolio is impressive, with big names including Kevin Keegan, Rob Andrew, Jonny Wilkinson, Jonathan Edwards and Glen McCrory endorsing the former Newcastle Falcons and British Lions rugby coach. He now works with companies including Cascade Cash Management, The John McEnroe Academy and the Eaga Partnership to name a few.

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