The Best Christmas Adverts Of 2020

It's the most wonderful time of year when an abundance of Christmas adverts fill our screens with joy. Expect tears, laughter and nostalgia...
Best Christmas Adverts

Strap yourself in for an emotional ride as Lydia Dalby rounds up eight of the best Christmas adverts of 2020 so far…



‘Forever Young’ covered by the incredible Becky Hill is the powerful soundtrack of this year’s festive advert.

Uninterested by putting up the decorations or visiting Christmas markets, the story follows a young teenager who appears to have lost his Christmas spirit.

The little boy’s mum knew that a McDonalds Happy Meal would bring out the inner child in him once more – reminding us that its ok to be a kid at Christmas.

Christmas spirit metre: 5 stars



Founded in South Shields, the high-end fashion brand has released a rendition of The Snowman. Featuring the original, iconic voice of Raymond Briggs playing Santa, filmed as the traditional cartoon. 

Based on a true story, Father Christmas visits the Barbour workshop to fix a man’s jacket his dog had chewed. After a long struggle, Santa fixes the jacket with the help of Barbour workers. 

This story was inspired by a dog called ‘Dudley the Dachshund’ in which the advert ends with a picture of Dudley and a Barbour jacket, that had in fact, had been chewed. 

This advert will surely bring a big smile to your face.

Christmas spirit metre: 3 stars



Amazon has created a story that will stick with you for years to come. 

This is a story about a young girl with a dream to be a ballerina. A very real and relatable story about how the pandemic has paused so many lives. The ballerina undergoes ‘Zoom’ classes and practices in rain or shine, to find the school closures have cancelled her show. Her dream is put on hold.

But, the show must go on. Her little sister comes to the rescue and organises an outdoor show. The young ballerina performs angelically and sparkles under a spotlight in the street for all of the neighbours to see.

This advert will most definitely give you chills this Christmas – the good kind, of course.

Christmas spirit: 5 stars



Sainsbury’s has graced us with a three-part advert. 

Part 1, the ‘Gravy song’ and part 2, the ‘Perfect Portions’, reminds us that not all of us will be with each other on Christmas and a call may be the closest thing we get to spending time with loved ones. 

The advert invited us to the dinner tables of different families, looking back at Christmas traditions – including as a dad making the ‘best gravy’ and making a song about it.

Looking through the lens of old, pixelated video recordings and blurry cameras, it provides that warm, fuzzy feeling that Christmas brings.

Patiently awaiting part three…

Christmas spirit: 3 stars

Part 1 

Part 2



There’s something very precious about Disney and the way they tell stories.

The song behind this advert, ‘Love is a Compass’, really pulls at your heartstrings from the second it begins to play.

The advert follows the journey of a little girl in the 1940s who receives a Mickey Mouse toy, which she later passes on to her granddaughter. 

It’s 2005 and as the granddaughter grows older, she slowly forgets about Mickey. She also forgets about the magic of Christmas, and what it means to her grandmother. 

To rectify her ignorance, she patches an abandoned Mickey’s ear back together to regift him to her Grandma, she decorates her home in handmade stars and shows that Christmas spirit can always be found from within. 

Reiterating that Christmas is about family.

Christmas Spirit: 4 stars



Olivia Coleman’s soothing voice guides us through the 2020 M&S Christmas advert. 

Listen out for the next famous voice because every week, until the new year, a new advert will drop, narrated by well known voices including Tom Hardy, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Dame Helen Mirren. Ready to say the famous words – ‘this is not just food, this is M&S Christmas food’.

Featuring the dazzling gold leaf gin, chestnut oaked smoked salmon and mini slow cooked beef mini Yorkshires, this one is sure to get your festive tastebuds tingling.

Christmas spirit metre: 3 stars


John Lewis & Partners 

The highly anticipated John Lewis advert has taken an artistic approach combining puppetry, cartoons, animation and film. 

‘A Little Love’ is the song behind the advert, which was recorded over Zoom by the talented Celeste and is predicted to be Christmas number one.

The campaign reminds us that small acts of kindness can mean so much. This was said to be inspired by the British public during the pandemic. 

The company aims to raise £5 million for families in need. An advert to inspire us all to do our bit this Christmas.

Christmas spirit: 4 stars



Goosebumps galore! The Coca-Cola ad follows the story of a father trying to make his way back home to his daughter in time for Christmas.

After saying goodbye to his daughter, he sets off to work on an oil rig, but as soon as he realises he forgot to post his daughter’s letter to Santa, he embarks on a journey to the North Pole.

From sailing the ocean to climbing mountains, he finally reaches Santa’s grotto to be greeted by a sign that reads ‘Closed For Christmas’.  But fear not – the famous Coca-Cola van arrives to save the day.

Hitching a ride home in the iconic truck, he arrives home in time for Christmas, but not before Saint Nick himself hands the father his daughter’s letter which reveals her wish was simply to have her father home for Christmas.

Christmas spirit metre: 5 stars


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