How To Create A Safe Haven For Children

How to create a playful and perfectly safe space for children to enjoy at home...
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A child’s bedroom should be a safe haven; a place to switch off, enjoy and feel safe. After a busy term falling back into the school routine, youngsters should be able to return to a calm, relaxing environment. A place they can call their own.

A place they can play, rest, sleep and most importantly, just enjoy being a kid. Here are some of the things to consider when creating your little one’s very own bubble…


Bright lights can make it difficult for the brain to switch off. While your little one may feel sleepy, too much light can trick the brain into thinking it’s the middle of the day.

Natural light is welcome during the day but as night falls, close the curtains and switch on a cosy lamp. Dimmer switches, reading lights and fairy lights are all great additions to let your child know bedtime is looming.


A messy child is a happy child – a saying we hear often and one that should be encouraged. Having fun and making a mess in their own little world is a great way to keep kids entertained, while also giving them a platform to learn something new and unleash their creative side. However, when it comes to bedtime, toys and books scattered around the room can make it difficult for your child to relax.

Investing in a storage system teaches organisational skills from a young age while creating a peaceful environment to wind down when the time is right.


We all seek a little bit of comfort after a busy day, be it in the office or the classroom. Choosing the right size frame and mattress should all be taken into consideration before purchasing your child’s bed.

As a parent you will be quite familiar with how often your child outgrows their belongings – it’s important to consider their age and height before making a decision on a big bed move.


Soothing hues such as baby pink, pale blue or soft yellow are recommended for creating a relaxing environment. Light greys and neutral shades are also encouraged to promote calm, cosy spaces, while staying clear of deep reds, bright oranges and dark blues. Your child’s craze of the moment can be factored in with a range of accessories from cushions and duvets, to curtains, accessories and more.


Stuffed animals, soft cushions and chunky blankets are great additions when it comes to creating a safe and comfortable environment for your little one to play, relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Pairing a giant bean bag with an elegant canopy is the perfect trick when creating a break-out area for reading and relaxing. Create the ultimate hiding place in the form of a teepee for littles ones to play or hunker down for a moment or two. Add in a desk for a funky arts and craft station, or a place to concentrate on homework.

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The most important detail in ensuring a safe haven, through the eyes of a child, is of course incorporating an element of fun. From electronic gadgets and their favourite toys, to arts and crafts, books and more, your bundle of joy will find comfort in seeing some of their favourite possessions in their bedroom. It’s what makes a space their own after all.


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