Keeping fit in 2020 with Apex Pro Fitness

Keeping Fit With Apex Pro Fitness


What can you tell us about Apex Pro Fitness?


We’re a fitness facility that focuses on the people, specialising in small group personal training. What makes us unique is the fact that you can’t turn up and pick up a dumbbell and start training.

We like to get to know our members and work with them on whatever it is they are trying to achieve. For some it’s weight loss, for others it’s strength training, and for a lot of people, it’s just about being a part of a positive, health-focused community.

We had a gym facility in the family back in the day, so I’ve grown up in this environment and just wanted to create something different – something that wasn’t intimidating. Somewhere that people wanted to spend time, enjoy training and meet new people.

I just want to show people that this isn’t rocket science. Enjoying and succeeding at the gym doesn’t have to be complicated.

Keeping fit in 2020 with Apex Pro FitnessLUXE:

How do you ensure a member is a part of the Apex community?


We know everyone’s names here. Our members are never just a number. Not only do we train and offer support, but we also educate people when it comes to working towards their personal goals.

There are certainly no egos within the gym, we’re a really friendly bunch and like to welcome everyone.

Our motto is to ‘invest in your body’, and that’s what we’re all about – it’s as simple as that. We want people to enjoy themselves,
enjoy their family life, have a drink, have nice food, but also enjoy the level of training that is required to get results.


So, would you agree that the key to positive results is getting the lifestyle balance right?


Absolutely. That’s the issue when it comes to a nutrition plan or dieting. People have such a bad relationship with the word

They think it’s going to be a life without anything they love, enjoy or crave – but we’re not saying completely ditch the cheese and wine, it’s just about balance.

Our ethos is just to build relationships, stay on track and be sensible about what we’re doing. It’s about keeping it real. We find that 99% of the time that is what people want – a balanced lifestyle.


How does a member’s journey begin at Apex?


Everyone starts with a 30-day trial. A try-before-you-buy-setup, I guess. There’s no hard sell from us. You may not like it, but it’s a great way to get to know us and for us to get to know a client.

We just try to give our members everything they need to succeed. Arrive at the gym, enjoy training, be a part of the Apex community, experience different group sessions, and then we review the 30-day journey and it goes from there.

We pride ourselves on the fact that the people who come through the doors are genuinely absolutely lovely, and that really helps us create the positive vibe we have at Apex.

We want people to enjoy their fitness journey. Too many people go to the gym and absolutely hate it and wonder why they continue to go. We want to be a place our members enjoy – whether it’s the training itself, the community, the support, or just an escape from busy life.

Keeping fit in 2020 with Apex Pro FitnessLUXE:

How did you adapt during the COVID-19 outbreak and how have you pivoted the business in a post-pandemic world?


Personally, it was a great opportunity to take some time to improve and reflect. We got our heads together in the early days and switched to an online platform.

We had to learn very quickly and push ourselves out of our comfort zone, but it’s definitely been a learning curve and many positives have come out of it.

Because we had such a fantastic community spirit, all of our members supported us through the tough times, which was absolutely fantastic.

We offered virtual group sessions, express workouts – we even hosted bingo and pub quiz nights, just to keep our community together. Everyone had their own journey, but it was important that we were there for our members as much as they were for us.

We were very conscious of mental health during the lockdown – especially at the height of it when many of us were stuck in our homes, so introducing a digital space for clients was really important.

But as expected, we all missed training together, giving each other a boost or a pat on the back at 6am. As humans, we all need that natural lift, and that comes from interaction.

So when we started to edge towards some sort of normality, we managed to adapt and take some of our sessions to the car park outside our facility.

It was amazing to just be out and about training with people again.

Keeping fit in 2020 with Apex Pro FitnessLUXE:

What can you tell us about your new outdoor facility?


We’re well underway with our new outdoor gym – there were only so many burpees we could do in the car park!

It’s been great to get outside and enjoy what’s on our doorstep in recent months. Whether it was keeping active in the garden, a stroll along the beach, a hike in the hills or a ride out on the bike, I think a lot of people want to keep up the fresh-air exercise, so with that in mind, we wanted to offer something unique for our members.

We’ve kitted the space out using a company called BLK BOX – really forward-thinking kit that can be used in all weather conditions.

We’ve added some overhead covering and heating too, so that the space can still be taken advantage of in the cooler months.


What’s next for Apex?


We’ve been lucky enough to have around 90% of our members come back and we want to progress with our growth, so we’re going to be taking on a third coach.

We’ve got our new outdoor space and we have tons of social activity and events planned within the gym. In terms of training, we’re just making sure we’re keeping people focused as we head towards the winter months.