Luxe Locks: Happy Hair Days

After 15 long weeks of lockdown, hairdressing salons are back in business. Hooray!
Luxe Locks Happy Hair Days

Who’d have ever thought that anyone could go that long without a hairdo?

In recent weeks, hair stylists across the land have been faced with the challenge of dealing with post-lockdown hair disasters.

With widespread news of box dyes getting thrown on and DIY hair cuts, we were all set to face the most challenging time of our

However, we are beyond thrilled to report that the vast majority of you gorgeous people have steered well away from the kitchen scissors and box colours, managing more than three months – actually closer to six in some cases – without the desperate need to get creative.

It’s like music to our ears and has truly made these first weeks back in the salon an absolute joy.

Not only has it been wonderful to see you all, but also very rewarding getting you back to your former glory.

For those who did take the DIY route, then let’s just say you learnt the hard way! Or shall we say, your husband did, as from what we’ve witnessed, there seems to be a hot new fashion trend for men. Very short, square hairlines and wonderful patches of skin scattered throughout – almost leopard print-like.

Very fetching indeed. However, we’re not sure this trend will be catching on anytime soon.

On a serious note, everyone has been wonderful and simply loved being back in the salon. With two-metre social distancing between salon chairs, our team wearing visors, clients wearing face coverings and hand sanitisers scattered throughout the salon, we’re back up and running with all safety measures in place.

When we opened the doors on Saturday 4 July it felt like Christmas morning. Our teams were super excited to get back to doing what they love and the clients were delighted to be back in the salon chair, chatting and being pampered.

The positive energy and good vibes have continued well into July and August, and we’re just loving having everyone back getting lovely locks.

We definitely feel clients all over the UK have a newfound love for their hairdresser!

They say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Well, there’s never been a truer word spoken.

Long may these happy hair days continue!

Michael Young and Gary Hooker run Hooker & Young, with four salons across the North East.

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