A Look at Illamasqua’s New Beyond Foundation

Luxe joins a virtual makeup masterclass with Illamasqua's Global Head of Artistry, Pablo Rodriguez. Here's all you need to know about the new Beyond Foundation...
Illamasqua Beyond Foundation

Illamasqua’s new Beyond Foundation is the brand’s first new foundation in four years, and we’re very excited to try it.

We’re joining a virtual makeup masterclass with Illamasqua’s Global Head of Artistry, Pablo Rodriguez, who talks us through this incredible alternative to the full-coverage, skin-based foundation.

“The new Beyond Foundation is refreshingly light weight, it offers sheer coverage and it is incredibly illuminating – allowing light to reflect and radiate the skin,” says Pablo.

“It gives a natural, dewy and silky smooth finish and is available in 25 shades,” he adds.

“We offer a three step shading system to help you narrow down the search for the perfect skin-match, making finding your next foundation easier than ever.”

As Pablo creates two iconic Illamasqua looks on video call, we’re trying the products at home. We’ve opted for a medium gold tone with yellow undertones, and it it’s the perfect match – which isn’t always the case when selecting new foundation colours, particularly over the internet.

After applying with the a brush, there’s instant moisturising benefits as the face gains a gorgeous, natural glow.

Pablo takes us through a step-by-step foundation masterclass, and as expected, it all starts with a trusty primer. A clean, cleansed face is the best place to start. Next, we use the brush to gently apply the foundation – a little bit at a time.

In the past, I’ve been guilty of over-applying liquid foundation – struggling away with the brush in an attempt to blend – banishing that ‘natural’ glow.

Pablo tells us to build up in sheer layers, only adding more liquid where necessary. Less is more – and this foundation is all about embracing and enhancing the natural glow.

His top tips include using bigger brushes to blend across the face, while using a smaller brush to focus on detail areas to soften around the eyes and hairline.

It’s a simple as that. Build as you go and play around with brush size. Complete the look with the concealer pen, dabbing straight on to the skin below the eye, or use your hand and a fluffy brush.

We’re totally sold. Illamasqua is an incredibly forward-thinking brand, ticking the boxes for glitz and glam – but also for achieving that glowing, natural complexion. It’s a brand that can effortlessly take you from day to night, with no compromise on quality.

Pop on a lush Illamasqua lip, play around with liquid blusher and have some fun with the brand’s beautiful new eye palettes – one of which we get a sneak peek of ahead of the new Beyond Collection, launching in October. This collection celebrates the Beyond franchise and is perfect for the upcoming holiday season. Think gems, precious stones and shimmery tones.

Illamasqua’s Beyond Foundation and upcoming Beyond Collection provide the perfect tools to gently guide you into the new season. It’s often tricky to go from the natural, minimalist makeup of summer, to that slightly heavier fall look, and then into the gorgeous glam that comes with the festive season. Illamasqua perfectly captures that, with the ability to build on a look to move you from casual to chic in no time.

It’s vegan-friendly, 100% cruelty free and is sure to offer a glowy, radiant look – day or night. Check it out the new collection this autumn.

Illamasqua’s ethos is ‘radiance beyond reality’ and this new makeup must-have certainly does just that.

The new Beyond Foundation launches on 3 September and will be priced at £33 from selected stores or via the Illamasqua website. 


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