Garage Grandeur

A supercar is best placed in a ‘superhome’ says Scott Stewart, Design Director at Hypercave - creating luxe homes for mighty motors...
Garage Grandeur

It’s true what they say, your car is an extension of your personality – but for many of us, our trusty steeds are left roadside, ambling on a busy street of perhaps packed into a cluttered garage.

Step forward, Scott Stewart, Design Director at Design North – the creative business behind an exciting new venture, Hypercave.

Scott and his team – from their base at Hoults Yard, Newcastle – are on a mission to transform garages into cutting-edge motoring ‘hypercaves’. Taking the ‘man cave’ concept and giving it a mighty motors twist.

Hypercave is all about changing the way the motoring world stores its wheels, introducing uber-luxurious, ultra-modern spaces for petrolheads across the North East, the UK and beyond.

Design North is a Newcastle-based interior architecture and design business, backing some of the city’s most high-profile projects including The Catalyst at Newcastle Helix, END Clothing’s uber cool HQ and an exciting new mixed-use development in the heart of the city on Collingwood Street.

Garage GrandeurThey are big business in the region when it comes to top-end interior design projects, and Hypercave is already proving a catalyst for creative ventures further afield and even overseas.

“The client had this huge selection of supercars,” Scott explains.

“He wanted his garage to reflect how special his collection is,” he adds.

“The car collection was stunning, with a mix of modern-day hypercars including Porsche 918s, LaFerraris and Bugatti Chirons.”

His passion for powerful motors was backed by his love of comic books, so this was an obvious starting point when it came to setting up the moodboard. Supercars and superheroes – the perfect match.

“The idea is to create very individual spaces based on the client’s cars, hobbies or interests,” says Scott.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to create something truly unique – these spaces are head-turners in so many ways, and giving a supercar a home that reflects the out-of-this- world nature of the vehicle just makes so much sense.

“It’s really exciting to chat to clients about what it is they want out of the space. Some like the idea of having break-out areas to sit, relax and admire their vehicles, some are keen to install all the latest mod-cons, and some are happy to take on our suggestions.

But what is really great about this side of the business is that no two days are the same, and no two clients’ ideas are the same. We have so much room for creativity. It’s about stepping into the client’s imagination and quite literally, bringing it to life.”

An incredibly successful first project opened up a gap in the market, encouraging the Design North team to form a new brand dedicated to these distinctive designs.

Garage GrandeurHypercave was born and Scott has been blown away by the interest from clients both home and away.

“One concept we’re working on at the moment back in the North East is going to have a sci-fi look based on the evolution of the electric supercar – or hypercar. We’re working with a glass material which throbs with light. It’s a real space-age concept and it will be amazing.”

Scott and his team at Design North have never shied away from modernistic collaborations. In fact, it’s their forte. From designing uber-sleek interiors for the ever-evolving, state-of-the-art Newcastle Helix site, to collaborating with expertly curated luxury menswear retailer, END Clothing.

With notable regional and national awards behind them, Scott and co-founder Jacqui Martin are no strangers to pushing interior design to its working limit.

With a number of projects in the pipeline back home, further afield and overseas, we’re excited to see how Hypercave brings a whole new dimension to supercar dens.

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