10 Things Luxe Is Loving This September

Our pick of 10 things Luxe is loving this month...
10 Things Luxe Is Loving This September

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Bali Basket Rattan Hanging Ball Chair

Bring Bali vibes to your garden this summer with this super chic Cielshop Rattan Hanging Ball Chair. This egg-shaped basket offers the ultimate hideaway to curl up with a book and a glass of the good stuff. An ideal way to bring a bit of beach club style to your outside space. £595.

10 Things Luxe Is Loving This September



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The life of a tiny atelier by the sea, &MEAD is a creative corner of Instagram, offering lovingly-made home interiors and goods to let your space bloom a little more beautifully. Scroll through this idyllic feed and be inspired by far flung travel, local hideaways and some of the coolest crafty stuff we’ve seen on Insta.

10 Things Luxe Is Loving This September



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A little bit of adventure…

Throwback thoughts to tropical climes and Sri Lankan adventures. We’re dreaming of days spent roaming the tea estates, practicing yoga under the stars and heading off on a water safari. Head over to Wilde & Co.’s website and plan ahead for wild and wonderful Sri Lankan escapes in 2021. Beautiful breaks to bookmark for future travel. There’s nothing a bit of wanderlust can’t fix.

10 Things Luxe Is Loving This September



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Happy Place Podcast

If there was ever a time we were all in need of a ‘HAPPY PLACE’, it is now. Cue Fearne Cotton… This good-for-the-soul podcast removes us from the pressures of fast-paced life; talking things through to help unlock that inner happiness. Fearne chats to some seriously inspiring individuals who have made a positive change – finding a way through and looking at life in a new light. Recent interviewees include Freya Ridings, Alicia Keys, Daisy May Cooper and local favourites, Chris and Rosie Ramsey.

10 Things Luxe Is Loving This September



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The Runaways

The Runaways is a heartwarming film following the adventures of three children and their donkeys in a chase across the North York Moors. It stars Mark Addy, Tara Fitzgerald and recent BAFTA winner, Molly Windsor. Mark Addy plays father to a family that run the local donkey ride on Whitby seafront. When tragedy befalls the family, his three screen children run away. The subsequent adventure tests their sibling bonds and love. You’ll see plenty of amusing scraps, but heart-breaking moments, too. And of course, the scenery doesn’t look too bad either. A film that’s sure to leave you feeling proud of our glorious countryside.

10 Things Luxe Is Loving This September



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The Switch, Beth O’Leary

This book will make you laugh, cry and forget about all that’s going on in the world as you delve into the very contrasting lives of Leena and her grandmother, Eileen. Looking for a change in lifestyle, the pair decide to swap places for eight weeks. Leena finds herself in a sleepy Yorkshire village and Eileen sets up home in a trendy Shoreditch flatshare. It’s safe to say things get very interesting, very quickly. A feel-good story celebrating the unpredictability of life… you won’t be able to put this one down.

10 Things Luxe Is Loving This September



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NEOM All Day Calm Wellbeing Pod Collection

The key to wellbeing is finding your calm. One way that sure does work for us, is the power of scent – and for that, we’ve got NEOM’s Wellbeing Pod to thank. This all-encompassing collection, comprising: Scent To Sleep Tranquility, Scent To De-Stress Real Luxury, Scent To Calm & Relax Complete Bliss and Sensuous Essential Oil Blends, is the perfect tool to help you drift away to a clear, calmer space. £150.

10 Things Luxe Is Loving This September



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Courgette, Feta, Mint & Lemon Salad by Cook House

Courgette, Feta, Mint and Lemon Salad by Cook House

[Serves 2]

Try this vibrant, vegetarian dish from our friends at Cook House, Ouseburn…

10 Things Luxe Is Loving This September

2 courgettes
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper, to taste
Juice of ¼ lemon
50g feta cheese
1 handful of chopped mint
Sprinkle of toasted pine nuts


Shave the courgette into wafer-thin ribbons with a vegetable peeler and place into a bowl.

Add the olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice and mix together.

Scatter the courgettes onto a serving plate, then crumble the feta over the top and add chopped mint and a few toasted pine nuts to bring some texture.




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Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Land Wand – Goldgasm

Enhance that sunkissed glow with Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Goldgasm’ Beauty Light Wand – the ultimate summer makeup accessory. This gorgeous, golden liquid highlighter is easy to use and instantly lifts the skin’s luminosity. Dewy, glossy and drop-dead-gorgeous. £29.

10 Things Luxe Is Loving This September



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Deepak Chopra

– “If you restore balance in your own self, you will be contributing immensely to the healing of the world.”

10 Things Luxe Is Loving This September



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