The guys behind this delicious new venture come from a family of serious ‘party-hosters’ – with cheese and nibbles at the forefront of what they do best.

Based in North Yorkshire, Feed & Flourish specialises in unique grazing boxes to share with loved ones – and we can honestly say, it’s one of the best things to come out of lockdown.

The ‘Feeders’ have been researching, sourcing and sampling the finest cheeses, charcuterie and chutneys for a long time now, and thought it was about time the wonderful folk of the North East and North Yorkshire got to try some of the very best UK produce on offer. That’s where the ‘Flourish’ comes in… we get to enjoy the success – and celebrate some of the finest produce right here on our doorstep.

What started off as a late-night brainchild, several chats with friends and family – and a whole lot of Instagram inspo – soon turned into Feed & Flourish.

These colourful grazing boxes perfectly blur the lines between mouthwatering nibbles and the art of social dining. It takes its inspiration from sharing platters, tasty tapas and quite simply, just catching up with friends over seriously good snacks.

Each grazing box is unique and hand prepared on the day of delivery – packing in everything from cheese and charcuterie, to sweet and savoury goods – with a couple of pretty decorations thrown in for good measure. At Feed & Flourish, it’s all about working with small scale and UK artisan producers to ensure customers get to truly try the ‘best of British’.

For more information about the Feed & Flourish grazing boxes, head over to feedandflourish.co.uk, or read on below for some of F&F’s favourite regional producers…


Feed & Flourish Favourites >>


Old Roan – The Home Farmer

A traditional Wensleydale cheese produced by The Home Farmer on their small-scale farm and joining creamery in the Yorkshire Dales. We love this cheese and its smooth creamy texture; the team use unpasteurised milk from their 100 cows to give the cheese added flavour and the milk only travels five metres from the milking parlour to the processing room next door. We love to pair this with a traditional Yorkshire chutney.


Endeavour – Cryer and Stott

A gin-lovers dream! Created by Cryer and Stott, Castleford alongside Yorkshire creameries. This soft cheese is hand washed in Masons Yorkshire Tea Gin and is believed to be the first of its kind in the world to be produced using a spirit. We like to add some caramelised pears on the side. 


Crab apple jelly – Camphill Village Trust

We love everything from Camphill Village Trust – from their gorgeous small batch cheeses, to sweet jams and tangy pickles. But we just have to give a mention to their Crab Apple Jelly. A clear preserve made very simply with Botton crab apples. It’s reminiscent of cider and we think it is great on farmhouse cheddars. Handmade by the residents the charity supports at Camphill Village Trust Botton Village, North York Moors.



Mrs Bell’s Blue – Shepherds Purse

Considered to be one of the best ewes’ milk blue cheeses in Europe (it’s one of our favourites for sure). Creamy with a pleasantly sharp taste, this blue is produced just down the road from us in North Yorkshire using the milk from contented English ewes. A meadowy sweetness and slight saltiness – punchy enough for any blue cheese fan. We are big fans of all of Shepherds Purse cheeses, so it was pretty hard to pick a favourite. We top this off with a generous wedge of our locally sourced Carlton Honeycomb. Amazing!


Oak Smoked Salami with Cacao, chilli and orange – Stonehouse Smokery 

We love using UK charcuterie, there’s something pretty special about getting your favourite cured meats from right here in the UK. One of our favourites at the moment (although we have many), is the oak smoked salami with cacao, chilli and orange – produced by Stonehouse Smokery in Cumbria. They use whole roasted oranges, as well as fresh chilli flesh and raw cacao nibs for this. They also offer chef’s selection packs if you want an introduction to their charcuterie and cure selection.



Durham Camembert – Parlour Made

Yes, a camembert produced in the North East, and boy is it good! We regularly feature Durham Camembert across our grazing boxes because quite frankly, we can’t get enough of it. A special creamy cheese produced by hand just outside of Sedgefield, County Durham by the Peacock family, all cheeses are fully traceable with handling and packaging finished by hand on their farm. Matured for 4-5 weeks, it’s great baked with an apricot jam or chutney.


Barney Brie – Teesdale Cheesemakers

THE cheese to try if you are a brie-lover! A robust farmhouse brie produced by Allison and Jonathan at Teesdale Cheesemakers, Butterknowle. This deliciously rich and creamy brie develops a natural rind influenced by the flora and fauna of Teesdale, not the usual white rind known for a traditional brie. Fresh cherries and a large glass of crisp white wine pair perfectly with this farmhouse brie. 


Me Mams Carrot Jam – Fat Lass Preserves

Bridget at Fat Lass Preserves, Newcastle is amazing and creates some seriously insane jams, marmalades and chutneys. Our favourite has to be her carrot chutney, a sweet yet savoury jam based on her grans WWII recipe. A traditional Wensleydale or farmhouse cheddar is our choice for this, but it also is the perfect pairing for a buttery sausage roll. 



Summer Fields – Camphill Village Trust

Another great piece of handmade produce by Camphill Village Trust. This unpasteurised alpine style cheese is only produced in the summer months when their herd of shorthorn cows have been put out to graze in the surrounding fields. The rind is washed by hand every day for the first six months. It has a warming, honey flavour with a hint of acidity that is very moreish. Perfect with fruit or ideal for cooking, a perfect all-rounder.


Swaledale Blue – Swaledale Cheese

Another of our favourite blues. A smooth and nutty blue Dales cheese with an indulgent creamy texture and a slight acidic tanginess. Handcrafted and created in the heart of Richmond, North Yorkshire using fresh milk from local cows. Add a wedge to a traditional oat cake and you’re on to a winner.

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