What drove you to curate a second collection with Barbour?

Ben & Marina: We love nature, we love the outdoors and we love Barbour so it’s a really natural partnership for us. This second collaboration with Barbour was so much fun to work on and we’re really proud of how the collection has come together.

What were you most excited about when approaching this second collection?

Ben: I was most excited about the smock. The green Keswick smock from our first collection sold out instantly and they have become collector’s items already. This time we have a beautiful orange smock that is based on an old vintage smock that I have used for many years.

Marina: I love spending time outdoors, especially at this time of year, so I really enjoyed creating pieces that work particularly well during the spring and summer months.

How have you moved the collection forward from what we saw last season with your inaugural collection? What is different this season and how is it suitable for spring/summer?

Ben & Marina: The collection has a little more Fogle DNA. We have slightly obsessive eyes when it comes to detail and we have added some subtle detailing to the SS20 range that is very special to us both.

How do you find the design process with Barbour?

Ben & Marina: We loved working with the Barbour team. It is so different to what we both normally do on a day to day basis. It was so much fun spending time with the designers – we both really loved getting to understand the whole process and all of the hard work that goes in to bring a collection like this about!

Where did you get your inspiration for this collection? Did it differ for a spring/summer season?

Ben: The wilderness is my inspiration. I also have a passion for vintage outdoor clothing. I have collected 50s, 60s and 70s outdoorwear for many years now and wanted to bring a classic vintage feel to the practical, timeless Barbour aesthetic..

Marina: I wanted something light weight to cope with the warmer weather and chose the muted colours with inspiration from my favourite flowers in our garden. I have lots of lavender which I pick and pair with alchemilla mollis, often referred to as ‘the Garden Lady’s mantle’, the lighter green colour always reminds me of summer.

Do you have any favourite pieces from the collection? Why are those your stand-out pieces?

Ben: The orange smock is probably the standout piece for me – I really love bright colours. There’s also a classic beige explorer shirt that I love, it is perfect to wear all summer long!

Marina: I really love the Wickham Quilt, it’s a gorgeous colour and just so easy to throw on top of any outfit! Another favourite is the Wickham dress – the fabric is just gorgeous and the fit is so flattering.

What about the collection are you most proud of?

Ben & Marina: We are very proud of the collaboration in general. We have always admired Barbour and having the chance to work with arguably the finest outdoor brand in the world is a real honour.

What do you enjoy most about working with Barbour?

Ben & Marina: The opportunity to unleash another side of ourselves.  We live the whole design process. We care about aesthetics as well as functionality and it has been great fun working with the team.

Do you have a favourite memory from wearing your first Barbour?

Ben: I still have the Barbour. I can remember walking through blue bell wood in West Sussex with my family and two golden retrievers with a pocket full of treats.

Marina: Do you have a favourite memory from wearing your first Barbour?  I think my first Barbour actually belonged to my father – I can’t remember if he gave it to me or I stole it, but I remember seeking refuge in how big it was, digging my hands into big deep pockets that always held surprises – whether an interesting shaped stone, some binder twine or (very occasionally) a £1 coin!