Silvia Mather, founder of Hummingbird Hypnotherapy, has been chatting to bride-and-groom-to-be, Katy and Matt, about how bespoke hypnotherapy helped them to refocus the mind during the wedding planning process. They started their hypnotherapy sessions at the stunning Seaham Hall, and have since followed-up with an online catch-up. 

Silvia’s Perfectly Prepared Package is perfect for those looking for motivation to change eating habits, stick to an exercise regime and boost confidence.


Katy Moody & Matt Bailey

‘The Perfectly Prepared Package’

Silvia: Today I have with me, the lovely Matt and Katie, who completed ‘The Perfectly Prepared’ wedding package’ with me. People getting married have a lot of stress on their plate and hypnotherapy is great for managing that. First of all guys, can you tell us a little bit about yourselves…

Katy: Hi, I’m Katie – and I’m Managing Director of Sharp Media Group. I work to promote other businesses. We do social media packages, copyrighting, award submissions… whatever is needed to promote a business.

Matt: I do about 10 different jobs! I guess primarily I’m a radio presenter. I  used to do the Breakfast Show on Capital FM and now I do a lot of stuff for the BBC. I’m also an event host, so I host a lot of sporting events and live events as well as doing a bit of DJing, teaching, and any other jobs that come my way. 

Silvia: Brilliant, so you can safely say a couple of busy professionals! Katie, I’ve known you for a while now, and the reason we came together on this project was, I was looking for a couple to test out what I’d come up with. So I put it out there and asked, ‘Is there anybody getting married who would like to give this a go?’ – and that’s when you got in touch.

Katy: Yes, straight away. I had heard so many great things about you from different people at events, they were saying, you have to go to Silvia.

Silvia: Brilliant. Well that’s nice to hear. Neither of you had tried hypnotherapy before, had you? What were you thinking on the way to your first appointment?  I remember seeing quite a funny Instagram video of you both on your way.

Matt: Yes, well when Katy told me about it I was a bit like what do you mean, like getting hypnotised into a chicken or something on the stage? I guess I was thinking of hypnosis shows, that’s all I’ve ever really seen of hypnotherapy, so I kind of didn’t know what to expect. I genuinely thought that it was all going to be some sort of cunning trick; like you were going to like click your fingers and just make me do whatever Katy wants!

Silvia:  That’s really interesting. Thank you for sharing that. And what about you Katy, what were you thinking?

Katy : I was so nervous in case I couldn’t go under. We once went to a bar in Newcastle and there was a hypnotist there and it just didn’t work on me and that was my worry, that I would just lie there for an hour thinking when will this stop.

Silvia: It’s a really common worry, especially when we’re trying something completely new. Our brains naturally worry about it, and that’s fine – that’s a natural response. ‘The Perfectly Prepared Package’ consists of four sessions focusing on whatever you want to be resolved, leaving you in a place where you are fully-prepared. The package can be tailored to suit the couple. What sort of things did you want to achieve?

Katy: So, to start off with, I wanted to focus on weight loss – that was like the ultimate thing for me. I just kept thinking about the dress, trying it on and panicking. I knew I’d been overeating and I knew I hadn’t been going to the gym and taking care of myself. 

I was so unmotivated. I didn’t like looking in the mirror I was just dreading the whole getting ready process. There were also a lot of other little issues like I had a real Pepsi Max habit. I would go through a full two litre bottle a day… it was crazy.

Matt: Mine was weight too, I guess I was less worried about trying on dresses, but I wanted to lose a bit of weight and feel good. My main problem is, I am addicted to sweets. It wasn’t so much stress about the wedding, it was just little things we needed to deal with to feel great again. We find ourselves in a very strange situation now, but I think seeing you has helped us deal with stresses that were yet to come – such as the COVID-19 pandemic. I think the main stress for me at the time was work. I left a regular job last year, so it was my first year with no permanent contract. I was a freelancer out on my own, not sure whether I would make money from month to month.

Silvia: Do you think those issues were resolved? How do you feel now?

Katy: Yes! We’ve lost a ridiculous amount of weight, I’ve lost a stone and a half and Matt has lost two stone.

Matt: And I’m not even eating sweets! Well apart from the sweets Katy’s mum buys us – but rather than eating an entire bag, I might just have one or two.

Silvia: That’s really good. When you first came in, you were so busy and so stressed about other things that you had forgotten about yourselves; and actually, life was going well, everything was okay, but stress gets so overwhelming, doesn’t it?

Matt: Massively. Between the both of us, we were focusing so much on work, it was very easy to slip into a bad routine – not caring about yourself as much.

Silvia: We always did the sessions separately, but I think it has been really nice to see you flourish together. That extra bit of support for each other has been really positive in helping make a change.

Matt: That was it, we loved the whole thing. I mean, I enjoyed it on my own, but I think it was the comparing afterwards. We would get in the car and be like, what happened in your session? It was really nice to talk to someone going through the same thing.

Silvia: So, I hate to bring up the elephant in the room, but what is happening with your wedding in the current circumstances? What’s the update? 

Katy: We have no idea really. Because it’s a July wedding. There’s no actual guidance about it but also the fact that because it is a wedding with over 100 people. It’s probably never gonna happen it’ll be impossible a social distance so we are bracing ourselves to like,

Matt: There’s been no official guidelines on it at the minute, but I think most of us are expecting it to be a slow process. I’d be surprised if weddings of 100 or more guests will be allowed for the rest of the year, so we’ve started talking about our different options. Once we know – one way or the other – that’ll be good, because a minute we are in limbo. But, you know, there are much worse things going on in the world, so we’re not letting it get us down.

Katy: Yes, we are very lucky in the fact that we are both healthy, we are together, and our our families are healthy. We are still in a very lucky position.

Silvia: Do you think any of the work that you did with the hypnotherapy has helped you with this positive outlook?

Katy: Yeah, 100 %. We both have completely different ways of looking at things and dealing with stressful situations, and I don’t know what you did to us, but we deal with situations in a much calmer manor now. There’s not so much panicking. We sit down and we talk things through.

Silvia: That is the thing with hypnotherapy, just resting in hypnosis helps, but in bespoke sessions, we can really focus on what you want from it. We look at a problem and we ask, ‘Can you do something about this? If you can, let’s do it. And if you can’t, let’s put that away for now’. 

Matt: Yes, totally – and, unknowingly, you prepared me perfectly for when all of this kicked off. I was like, ‘not a problem, Silvia’s taught me how to deal with this!’

Silvia: You know that genuinely makes my day, it really does. I’m so happy that you got so much out of it.

Katy: We are so grateful and can’t thank you enough for all of the lifelong changes you’ve helped us make.

Silvia: I’m so glad to find you both in such a good place. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us; and as I say, I’m overjoyed with the results.