Check out Rockliffe Hall's Fitness Manager, Peter Bell's top tips on how to stay motivated and 'walk your way to fitness' during self-isolation...
Walk Your Way To Fitness

My motivational tip for the day is, walk your way to physical and mental fitness. Walk for 30 minutes or one hour per day and experience the fantastic benefits such as improving cardio fitness, places less stress on the joints, therefore can reduce pain, can prevent weight gain and reduce the risk of chronic illness the list goes on…

Walking is a low impact exercise and can be as challenging as you like. If you have any ankle, knee or back problems, walking should be your exercise of choice. An interesting study by Stafford University revealed that walking relaxes and stimulates the mind, opening up the free flow of ideas and helping increase creativity as well as all the physical benefits.

By adding some variables you can turn a walk into a fun, fast interval session by repeatedly raising and lowering the heart rate as opposed to keeping the heart rate at one steady pace.

Make your walk challenging by…

• Add variables of walking speeds. For example: 2 minute power walk with 1 minute recovery (your goal can be to increase power walk time and reduce recovery time)

• Speed up the inclines, (banks or hills) turn back down the incline and tackle again your goal can be to complete 5 x inclines.

• Another good workout is walk for 10 minutes complete 12 freestanding squats and lunges, carry out every 10-minute intervals.

Walking is great for all fitness levels and you can make it as challenging as you want, depending on your fitness capability. A note on footwear and technique, ensure that you are wearing good supported trainers or walking shoes. With regards to technique, a good swinging arm movement, (great for spine health and burning more calories) keep the knees soft, literally put a spring in your step!

Stay positive and keep motivated.



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