How is BAD Co. adapting to the current state of affairs?

We have seen our bar, restaurant and pub trade stop completely. Our supermarket sales have really increased as well as our website sales, we are offering delivery and putting together care packages ( full of beer) offering 20% off (using code BADCO20 at checkout)

How are you turning your hand to hand sanitiser?

We where initially asked to help source raw alcohol by ASDA , they had been asked by various NHS trusts as they where desperately low and used it to sterilise ventilations equipment. We then decided from from enquiries we had that we would pack this hand rub into 50 ml bottles and distribute for free to people in need working on the front line, the response was greater than expected and we are increasing production to keep up with demand.

What are the hand gel ingredients?

We are working to the formulation advised by The World Health Organization, the ingredients are ethanol, glycerine and hydrogen peroxide.

How are workers adapting to the new way of production?

We have managed to keep production in the brewery going well. The brewery is locked up to the outside and all deliveries and collections are being called in by the drivers. We are working with a skeletal staff, the guys in the brewery are working at opposite ends and the packaging guys are really well spaced out, we are lucky to have a large well spaced area, out other are mainly working from home. All working well so far. We have also set up a WhatsApp group to keep everyone informed of what’s happening at the brewery and beyond.

Where will the gels be going?

The Hand Rub has been distributed mainly to NHS workers so far, the response we had was that the small bottles could be kept on their person and they would not always need to travel to the nearest sanitiser station. We have also distributed to care homes, doctors surgeries, nursing homes, police control centres, taxi companies etc

Your online store remains open, what else can we find to make lockdown a littler merrier?

Our online store is really important to us at this time, it keeps us being able to reach our customers and helps us to be able to operate. We have created some custom packages that can be found on the website, people are definitely still enjoying a beer and we are bringing it straight to your home, we are also offering 20% off you entire shop.

Can you recommend the perfect spring sip for the sunnier times ahead?

We are seeing a trend towards lower alcohol beers at the moment, our new beer ‘Easy Now’ is a 3.8% Neipa , it’s a New England style IPA , really refreshing and around half the ABV of what this style normally is. But we also launched our Gin earlier in the year. Feedback had been great and can be enjoyed with a good quality tonic and drop of ice, the flavour is in the gin.

What’s next for BAD Co.?

We just completed a rebrand, the feedback has been great, we have a great group of people at the brewery and we are busier than ever, so hopefully this may continue. Looking forward we are looking forward to resupplying-our  hospitality accounts when they reopen, continuing with our growing export market, releasing lots of new special beers and growing our range of spirits.