Finding Space With Laura Beckingham


Everywhere we look, both globally and domestically, there is change, flux and uncertainty. At worst, this can trigger us into states of anxiety, fear and disconnection.

When the macro environment feels like this, it can be easy for us to feel overwhelmed and out of control. As much as it’s true that there is a huge amount we can’t impact directly, it’s also true that we can develop ways of being – and things of doing – that support us in building capacity to hold the complexity around and within us.

Here are some ideas on how you might stay centred and sanguine in the eye of the storm…

Laura Beckingham - Life Coach


Come back to your body

Our body is way more than the vehicle that simply carries our head to places – it is the source of so much more. Embodiment practices bring us out of our thinking minds and connect us more deeply to the truth of the here and now, to our own sense of reality and to each other. So, move, walk, run, jump, dance, do yoga, do sports and play. Anything that allows you to experience freedom in your body. To be at one with your breath will strengthen your nervous system and enable you to experience more calm, too.

Get to nature

Yes, nature is always changing. And Mother Earth is shouting loudly at us to wake up and pay attention. But on some level, nature is also a constant. As long as we walk the earth, there will be trees and wind and hills and rivers. Spending time in nature is remarkably comforting and enlivening – it connects us simultaneously with the big picture and the tiny things in life too, inviting us to calm down, wake up and gain perspective. So, get to it as often as you possibly can – especially when things feel tough.

Find stillness

We can only be in our centre if we know it and have a relationship with it, so developing practices that bring us in to stillness and quiet, in our own company, are critical, particularly in tumultuous times. Yes, I know neither are easy and life can take over, but even a few minutes a day of quiet time – with a cup of tea, watching the birds, or even simply feeling your feet on the floor as you breathe – will, after a few weeks, make the biggest difference to how you experience the quality of your day-to-day life.

Seek support

Speak to people with whom you can speak your truth. Not to have it fixed or solved, but to have it witnessed and acknowledged.

Be selective about what you consume

Stay plugged in, stay educated and stay informed – but choose wisely. Most importantly, stay connected to yourself, to others and to the world around you. Connection is the subject of my latest podcast in the ‘Big Little Things’ series, which I host with Natalie Goni. If you’re curious, you can listen on Apple, Spotify and in all of the other usual places.

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