Dominic Bowser, senior PT at Sound Mind and Body, guides us through seven top tips on how to stay lean during quarantine...

For many of us, our office is now forming the heart of the home, our ‘new normal’ routine is in place and we’ve hit pause on wearing makeup and on-trend workwear.

Knowing the kitchen is only a few steps away is probably a new daily battle for most of us. So, if you’re worried you may be snacking a little too much, we’ve teamed up with Dominic Bowser, senior personal trainer at Benton-based Sound Mind and Body health and wellbeing centre, to guide us through seven hacks to keep us away from those tempting snacks!


Start your day with a good wholesome breakfast. It’s key that your first meal of the day is filling and nutrient rich, as this will keep you fuller for longer. Try foods with lots of volume but low sugars – meals such as porridge oats with berries, an omelette with lots of vegetables such as mushrooms and spinach – you can even add cheese or a small amount of protein like chorizo. If you like to prepare your meals the night before, go for bircher muesli and add fruit and spices for extra taste.


A great way to stop snacking is to make sure you’re hydrated, as some hunger is dehydration in disguise. Keep a constantly topped up bottle of water next to you throughout the day, aim to drink 2 litres. Not only will this keep you out of the fridge, you will find it easier to concentrate and your body will function better. If you struggle with water, try tea and fruit infusions to make it more exciting.


If you’ve been drinking plenty of water and still find yourself dreaming of delicious snacks, avoid sugar as it will play havoc with your craving! Instead, fill up on high volume snacks such as vegetables for example carrots, cucumber and celery. Add herbs and spices to make these more exciting.


Visit your app store and download a food diary app, record everything that you eat, this way you will be able to see what you’ve eaten together with its nutritional value – and even how many calories you’ve consumed. Lots of women are confused why they gain weight if they’re exercising lots and they don’t feel as though they’re overeating – the apps can log your exercise too so you can highlight if you’re over or under-eating!


Choose the times you’re planning to eat that day- and stick to them! Workout how many calories you’ve chosen to intake and spilt them over these mealtimes, for example three meal times where you will eat 500 calories at each meal. At these times, to curb your cravings fill your plates with vegetables and lean meats. Avoid highly processed, or sugary foods which are usually quickly digested, and will leave you craving more.


Rather than heading to the fridge, take a 15-30 minute walk, this will improve your clarity, concentration and take your mind off eating – you will also burn calories!


If you haven’t already, try meditating. There’s lots of apps and audio books for you to choose from and they will guide you through the process quick and easily. Your mind will reset, and your focus will be taken from feeling hungry. Be sure to set an alarm as many people do drift off to sleep – just in case the meditation turns into a nap.

With all of these tips now under your belt, remember to only buy what you need as we are in quarantine. Make sure you have adequate amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as wholegrains in your cupboards, don’t buy lots of unhealthy treats and if you need a little pick me up try to make your own snacks such a protein balls – these will keep you fuller for longer and there’s lots of free recipes online.

Remember to move more and make small changes to see the best results. For more information on Sound Mind and Body visit: soundmindandbody.co.uk or call 0191 280 9274.

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