Elysia Fryer chats to Teesside yogi, Rebecca Dale, on new ventures, at-home mindful moments in the midst of the madness and why a good cup of tea is the best way to end practice...
What can you tell us about Yoga and a Brew?

It’s about making yoga fun and accessible to everyone. I want people to leave feeling like they know themselves and their bodies a little bit better – and their minds a whole lot calmer. It’s about community in an environment where people feel safe to move and explore without judgement or fear.

Nothing beats a good cuppa. Where does the ‘& A Brew’ part come in?

Yoga & A Brew… because they are two of the best things, are they not? I want it to suggest community. My sessions are about more than just coming to do a class and leaving. I wanted to create a space where people can come with their friends and make friends, too. To add to that… I think the best and most important conversations I’ve ever had are over a brew!

You were working as an actress in London until recently. What made you head home and make the jump?

First of all, I absolutely LOVE yoga. I think it’s an amazing and kind way to drop out of the mind and into the body. I use it for managing life’s curveballs and found it to be a great tool in managing my own mental health; and because of that, I want to share it with other people. After my yoga teacher training in Bali, home felt like the perfect place to kickstart my new venture.

What can yogis expect from one of your classes?

Mindful movement of the body, breath awareness, me stumbling over my words and dropping the occasional wisdom bomb. Oh, & A Brew, of course!

How are you tackling the current situation regarding Coronavirus?

I’m going to be sharing yoga videos through social media, not just for those who have been to my classes, but for everyone. I feel this type of work is needed now more than ever.

Top tips for yogis wanting to continue their practice at home?

1. If you come to my class already, make that the time that you practice. Commit to the class even if you’re not physically going there.

2. Dedicate some time each day to practice. I promise the hardest part is doing it, after you’ve done it you will feel an instant shift.

How can we get involved in your virtual classes?

Via Facebook, Instagram & Youtube.

Three ways to be mindful during these uncertain times?

1. Create a new routine for yourself – as much as this is a strange time, it can also be a great opportunity to change things up and try something new. Yoga & A Brew?

2. Look after yourself – whatever that means to you. Eat well, sleep as much as you can, rest, yoga, meditate, Netflix, journal, read, draw, sing, twerk, move…

3. Put the kettle on and make you and your loved ones a good brew. Connect with each other, look after each other and keep talking through the tough times.

And finally, if you ‘namaste at home and breathe…’

For more information on Rebecca’s virtual classes, or to find out where classes are held across Teesside, contact [email protected] or head to:

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