How to follow the stark message of a national emergency while enjoying the lighter nights as British Summer Time begins...
The Start of British Summer Time

With the start of British Summer Time just a few days away and the Government advising that you must stay at home, our typical spring plans have been drawn to a halt.

Current guidelines given by Public Health England have advised us to stay at home and to only go outside for food, medical assistance, daily exercise or essential work in order to protect the NHS and save lives.

As the days draw out and the nights get lighter, here are some ways to keep yourself physically and mentally active in order to stay well during these unprecedented times…   


Keep in contact with friends and family

Staying at home for prolonged periods of time – especially when you are isolated – can be difficult, lonely and frustrating for some people, so it’s important to keep in touch with family and friends by phone or through social media channels. As we live in a digital age, it’s easier than ever to make contact. Plan ahead and keep yourself busy with activities such as reading, online learning or watching a film. Why not catch up and have a meal together over Skype – or challenge your chums to a game or two on the new Houseparty app.


Stay active

Don’t underestimate the power of the great outdoors! If you live near a green space or have walking routes nearby, going out for a jog or a dog walk is a quick and inexpensive way to stay in shape. Walking is a great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness and can help to burn off calories. Walking while listening to music can help you to get you into a rhythm and help you to walk faster. Why not check out our Top 10 Podcasts Guide and listen to some of our favourite shows and audiobooks while you mooch?

Remember to follow government guidelines and only leave your home once a day to exercise on your own or with a member of your household. The good news is… you can exercise as much as you want inside your own home and garden. Transform your lounge into a yoga studio, turn your garden into a HIIT workout space and use your property boundaries for Bleep Test training. 


Be mindful

Taking some time out during your day to meditate is a fantastic way to reduce stress and improve mental health. Meditation acts as exercise for the brain and can positively impact your mood and focus in everyday life. Setting aside 10 minutes each day without distractions is a really positive step towards looking after your health and wellbeing. Try to limit your exposure to social media and the news, as speculation and sensationalism can fuel anxiety. 


Find positivity in your garden

It can be particularly challenging if you don’t have much space or access to a garden, but remember you can still create your very own garden oasis even in the smallest of spaces or even on a window ledge. Whether you have a large garden or a small patio, it’s amazing what you can achieve with some thought and care. Planting colourful planters outside your front window or growing some tomato plants is a great way to start and can be easily achieved. Order equipment, soil and plants online instead of venturing out to your local garden centre. Making small changes in your garden can encourage nature, such as providing food and water for birds and choosing the right flowers to provide pollen and nectar for bees, butterflies and other insects.


Appreciate the natural beauty of a sunset

As we are usually so absorbed in our busy daily lives, we tend to forget about the little things like venturing into the garden or looking through the window to watch the sunset. As the lighter nights approach, watching the sun go down is a great way to appreciate nature and signify an end to a busy day… it’s also a fabulous photo opportunity! Why not spread some positivity by sharing your snaps on Instagram? 


Interact while being environmentally-friendly

Instead of using your tumble dryer, why not save energy and dry your laundry outside as the lighter nights approach? This is a great step towards being environmentally-friendly by lowering CO2 emissions and is the perfect opportunity to say hello to your neighbours while adhering to social distancing advice. It’s also a great opportunity to soak up some vitamin D from the sun.


Spring clean

As we approach British Summer Time, spring cleaning your home is a great way to get prepared for the months ahead.  Tackle organising your clutter systematically to avoid becoming overwhelmed with cleaning. Sorting your belongings into three categories – ‘throw away’, ‘donate’ and ‘keep’ – can be a great way to identify what you actually need and will help you to be more productive during spring cleaning. 


Get crafty & upcycle old furniture

Breathe new life into tired furniture and start a small upcycling project at home. Before you throw out your old-fashioned desk for a swanky new piece of furniture, stop and think about how your beloved pieces could be updated and re-used. Change the handles, experiment with colour and add decorative accessories. 


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