Social distancing needn’t be all doom and gloom - even at the weekend! Here, we reveal some of our favourite free ways to fill your hearts and homes with feel-good vibes…


We all have more times on our hands – and yet we’re spending more time apart than ever. Many people will be gluing themselves to their phones in a bid to stay connected to the outside world and to others, but this weekend, why not say yes to some off-screen action instead? Swapping WhatsApp and Instagram for old-school games and puzzles with your partners, parents, siblings and kids is a great way to relax, bond, laugh and focus. Try snakes and ladders, have a competitive game of Jenga, grab a pack of cards, dig out the Twister mat, or sit down and tackle an old-school jigsaw together. The time will fly by and you’ll make memories that’ll last a lifetime.


There’s never been a better time to take care for ourselves. The current crisis is a reminder of just how precious our health is, so why not treat yourselves to some TLC while you have the time. Make your own DIY spa treatments in the form of moisturising body scrubs (mix white or golden caster sugar with a tablespoon of runny honey and any essential oils, or bath oils, you might have), luxury manicures and pedicures (good old olive oil is a great substitute for cuticle oil), luxury bubble baths with homemade bath salts (combine standard table salt with essential oils), nourishing hair treatments (massage coconut oil into your scalp and the lengths and ends of your hair, leave for 10-15 minutes, then rinse) and good-for-you face masks (mix honey, rolled oats, banana and hot water, apply to the face, leave for 10-15 minutes, then rinse).


It might be a little harder to find the light during these dark days – but don’t forget, it’s spring outside! So, why not take inspiration from the brand new season and give your home, wardrobe, even your car, a mini makeover and a bit of a spring clean? You might not be able to head to the shops in search of new clothes or furniture, but that doesn’t mean you can’t clean and de-clutter. Take the time to bag up old, unworn clothes, colour-coordinate what’s left and create new outfits, dust ’til your heart’s content, finally get around to washing the windows, hoover the inside of your car and clear out the boot, organise your kitchen cupboards and drawers and rearrange your furniture, whatever the room, so that you feel like you’re in a brand new – and calmer – space.


If and when you feel your stress levels soaring, give at-home meditation a go. Find a quiet room, or corner, of the house and take the time to re-centre yourself, re-focus on your breath and slow down the chatter in your head. There are tons of free and helpful apps to discover online, but if you find technology worsens your anxiety, you might want to try some simple breathing techniques to kick-start, or end, your day on a calmer note. Close your eyes, place your hands on your stomach, or knees, and take deep three breaths through your nose and out of your mouth, as slowly and as steadily as you can. Repeat a few times.


When your mind feels chaotic, it can help to put your thoughts down on paper. Feeling unorganised and overwhelmed? Write yourself a daily to-do list and use it as a guide to get through the day. Feeling scared or anxious? Write down your fears and discuss them with someone you trust. Feeling down? Note down all the things you’re grateful are and read them out loud to bring a smile to your face. Or, better yet, put write them on a post-it note and stick it on your mirror or fridge as a reminder to be thankful for all good there (still) is in your life. 

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