Elysia Fryer celebrates the arrival of Lamborghini’s Leeds showroom with a whistle-stop tour of the Yorkshire Dales...

With three new models in the bag, there’s never been a better time to get behind the wheel of a Lamborghini.

Equally, when you’re presented with a supercar road trip through the Yorkshire Dales, you’d be a fool to turn it down.

This is the first time three thrilling new models have been introduced to the Lamborghini market and to celebrate, one of the motoring world’s finest bloodlines brings its class to Yorkshire.

Sales in Yorkshire have grown significantly in the last three years, and so the Italian brand saw a gap in the market, bringing a brand new, state-of-the-art showroom to the north of England at 2 Aire Valley Drive, Leeds. It’s a county with big ideas and big aspirations – an ethos Lamborghini is more than happy to tap into.

We arrive at the glass-fronted showroom as a rainbow fleet of supercars roll up. We’re here to ride in the Urus SUV, the Huracán and the Aventador – all of which boast unique characteristics in the sports car world.

Of course, it’s not a Lamborghini if you’re not making a statement with colour. A convoy of bright blue and orange motors set off as we journey up and over the Dales.

My first ride is the Huracán Evo – everything you’d expect from a Lamborghini and more, packing in more performance, control and innovation than ever before. Complete with a powerful V10 engine and all the latest technologies to ensure it’s at the top of its game, this is a real gamechanger.

You can tootle along in automatic as you get to grips with the vehicle and all its gadgets, but this car really comes into its own when you vamp up the paddle gears and enjoy every bump, turn and twist out on the country roads.

This car is built for having a bit of fun. It moves to satisfy the driver’s desires and is in perfect harmony with the Lamborghini DNA.

Complete with dazzling aerodynamic design, an avant-garde control system and the Lamborghini Integrated Vehicle Dynamics (LDVI) system – a controller adapting the vehicle’s behaviour to suit to the driver – this vehicle ‘amplifies your daily routine’ and triggers real emotion on the roads.

In lively shades like the Arancio Xanto (orange), you might find cars like this parked up in plush postcodes in big cities such as London, but take this beast out on to the winding roads of Yorkshire and you’re in for a real treat.

The first pit-stop on our country cruise brings us to Broughton Hall Estate – a stunning 16th century manor house sitting within a sprawling estate alongside Broughton Beck, just down the road from the market town of Skipton.

With motoring pulses racing, it’s time to settle down for a bite to eat in the grand drawing room as our machines await the next leg of our journey.

Next up, it’s a ride in the Urus, as we head up into the depths of the Dales. If the Lamborghini range wasn’t already exciting enough, this Super Sport Utility Vehicle has just opened up a whole new market – and we can’t wait to see what it’s all about.

The UK is consistently in the top three Lamborghini markets worldwide. Automobili Lamborghini delivered a record 4,553 vehicles globally in the first six months of 2019. Growth was largely driven by the Urus.

The supercar concept has developed over time, with more and more people seeking a cool combination of class and comfort. Cue the Urus. It’s big, it’s bold and it’s comfortable. There’s no dramatic drop as you settle into a curb-skimming supercar, but you are quite literally behind the wheel of a beast, and its size certainly doesn’t outweigh its pace.

Blurring the lines between sportscar and comfortable SUV, the Urus is a great vehicle for supercar-lovers looking for something to suit family life. With plenty of space and storage throughout, it’s a first-class five-seater.

It’s a versatile car suitable for everyday driving, but there’s no compromise on those illustrious Lamborghini emotions. The roar of the engine when you start it up will quickly remind you that you’re in the hands of a super sports car.

Once we’re up and out on sweeping roads at sunset, I’m pleasantly surprised by the car’s fiery force. It’s so not typical of an SUV. It’s an SUV with supercar class – and it’s a real crowd favourite amongst our road trip riders.

Driving a Lamborghini is something of an experience, and although the majestic nature of the motor’s driving dynamics plays a big part, comfort is key – and the Urus ticks all the boxes for us.

The Urus has brought in 70% new customers and is targeting both the family and female markets.

Speaking to the Andrea Baldi, Automobili Lamborghini’s CEO for EMEA region, now is an important time to tap into those markets.

“We’re trying to steer away from the stereotypical view of Lamborghini as a masculine brand,” he explains.

“It’s important to branch out and ensure that our vehicles are accessible for different drivers and experiences,” he adds.

“Traditionally, our supercars require a lot of physical strength, and can be seen as intimidating for first-time supercar drivers. But what we’re trying to get across with the Urus is that you don’t have to have the racetrack experience to drive a sports car.

“The Urus is a great route in, and a fantastic way to introduce new people to our brand.

“We’re definitely noticing a change in that first impression, with 6-7% female drivers in the UK, up from less than 1% in recent years.

“And with our first female brand director in place, it’s an exciting time. Things are changing and we’re certainly adapting to the market and its demands.”

The iconic Ribblehead Viaduct linking up Yorkshire and Cumbria, is a dramatic backdrop for our Lamborghini line-up as we swap vehicles for the final route on our road trip.

Our final ride as we make our way up to The Yorke Arms at Ramsgill-in-Nidderdale is in the Aventador S – a futuristic fusion of the finest Italian interiors, innovative technology and power-packed performance.

Available in the S, SVJ, S Roadster and SVJ Roadster, the Aventador is an authentic masterpiece and a cutting-edge car to say the least.

It captures the pure essence of Lamborghini – complete with all the drivetime drama you’d expect from a supercar.

The S model inherits its beating heart from the iconic Aventador family – a V12 engine with lightning-fast responsiveness and a magnificent roar. Its dazzling design makes for a real head-turner in the streets, while its sophisticated controls ensure a safe yet exhilarating drive.

This one is packed with state-of-the-art technology, innovative Lamborghini Active Vehicle Dynamics (LDVA) and a mighty 740 HP, but it certainly doesn’t steer away from its old-school supercar charm.

The Aventador will give you that goose bumps moment behind the wheel – particularly when tackling bumpy, country roads. It’s a thing of beauty.

Our luxe Lamborghini outing comes to a close as we cruise into the Nidderdale Area of Natural Beauty, rolling up at The Yorke Arms.

In the company of celebrated chef, Frances Atkins, we’re wined, dined and well-rested before heading back over the Dales to the UK’s eleventh and newest dealership at Aire Valley Drive, Leeds.

We depart with a word from Automobili Lamborghini’s CEO for EMEA region, Andrea Baldi.

“There has never been a more exciting time for the Lamborghini marque and our growing number of owners,” he says.

“With an exceptional three-strong model range and Lamborghini’s continuing tradition of ground-breaking achievements in design, technology and performance.

“Complementing our production cars and limited edition series is the broader Lamborghini world, comprised of exclusive events, exciting exploration of art, culture, heritage and the best of ‘Made in Italy’. We look forward to welcoming clients from throughout Yorkshire and the North East,to these experiences.”

Lamborghini Leeds 2 Aire Valley Drive, Leeds, LS9 0AA 0113 487 3040,

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