Teesside interior design studio, Cocoon & Bauer, turns a lacklustre lounge in Yarm into a luxurious living space...


Cathal and Chloe Doocey moved into their beloved home – Chilton House, in the village of Low Worsall, just two miles outside of Yarm – in early 2018.

Like most families, the couple found themselves retreating to their living room when they wanted to kick-back and unwind – but felt like it was in need of a bit of TLC. Boasting a reception-style area to the entrance and a sunken seating area, flanked by two higher sections, the living area benefitted from oodles of space, but what it lacked was functionality and style. In a bid to bring it to life, they painted the walls a shade of blue, but soon fell out of love.

Feeling uninspired, they enlisted the help of Peter Turner, managing director of Cocoon & Bauer, and his team, as part of a £100,000 home makeover, to help inject some personality and make the most of the space.


Peter and his team tackled the transformation with the same dedicated, passion and tenacity as they would with any other project.

“The thing that struck me first was the sheer size of the ceiling,” says Peter.

“High ceilings are beautiful – most people would kill for them – but theirs had no detailing, no breaks or cornicing. We knew this was something we wanted to change.

“Then, thoughts turned to the flooring, which was a rich, orange-coloured wood, and the walls, which were too dark. The whole room looked tired and a bit dated – we felt like it needed a complete overhaul.”

The team discovered that Cathal and Chloe’s old conservatory, which was always too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, took up a lot of room. And so the team looked at removing it altogether to make better use of the space and make the couple’s attractive back garden more accessible.


In a bid to create a luxurious aesthetic – a request of Chloe’s – Peter and his team worked hard to bring soft, inviting light and contemporary style to the entire living space.

“We started by dropping the ceiling down at the perimeter of the whole room and in the centre, too, over the sunken area. We painted it in Farrow & Ball Wimborne White, so it looked classy and clean.

“We then replaced the flooring with a darker unsaturated floor and painted all of the walls in Farrow & Ball Shaded White, giving us a beautiful blank canvas to play with.”

The team purposely left gaps from the new ceiling at each window to allow the curtains to be fitted at a higher level, creating the illusion of the fabric ‘falling’ from above – one of the couple’s favourite details.

“To create a luxurious ambiance, we thought carefully about the lighting choices we made,” says Peter.

“In the end, we installed spotlights within the ceiling to cast light down the fabric of the curtains. The same lighting effect was also used across all of the new perimeter ceiling to create an attractive ‘halo’ effect.

“In place of the conservatory and existing French doors, we fitted brand new, modern bi-folding doors, which open directly on to Cathal and Chloe’s back garden. We also added a neat step detail from the sunken area.

“With regards to the furniture, we wanted to introduce contemporary, but interesting, pieces. We designed bespoke sofas and armchairs, using luxurious velvet and deep, seductive colours to create a real sense of luxury and comfort. We also fitted bespoke tinted mirrors and placed a beautiful, dark wood circular entrance table, which aligned perfectly with the bay window.”


Based in Teesside, Cocoon & Bauer provides interior design, space planning and 3D visualisations to a wide range of clients across the North East and the rest of the UK.

Managing director, Peter Turner, has worked in the realms of interior design and architecture for over a decade and founded Cocoon & Bauer in 2017.

Now armed with a small, but mighty, team of talented and passionate individuals, Peter creates amazing spaces for style-savvy individuals and big-name businesses throughout the region.

He’s currently in the process of opening an interiors showroom in the heart of Middlesbrough – so watch this space!

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