Not too long ago, radiators were just heating appliances. Now, they’re a decorative focal point in any room, available in a variety of styles and colours…

Gone are the days of standard white radiators. Today, they come in all shapes, sizes and shades – and Stelrad Radiators is one of the best places in the region to get your hands on one.

They’ve been going strong since the 1930s and are now one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of stylish, modern radiators for both domestic and commercial venues.

The majority of its designer and decorative radiators are available in up to 36 colours, making it easier than ever for homeowners to match, or clash, their radiators with other décor or furniture in their home.

When it comes to design, Stelrad offers plenty of exciting, expertly-crafted options to keep style-conscious homeowners happy. Popular models from their designer range, which showcases premium panel and column radiators, include their slim, flat-tubed Concord radiators and their smart Caliente tubular designs, which deliver exceptional heat output.

For larger, more spacious homes, Stelrad’s traditional horizontal designs work perfectly, while their new and attractive lo-line and contemporary vertical designs are ideal for smaller properties, or homes with narrow walls, hallways or corridors.

For bathrooms, Stelrad’s special Aqua range offers a range of variety of attractive styles, from traditional slimline towel rails to on-trend wave and arc-shaped designs, all of which are designed with hot and humid environments in mind.

Whatever your taste or budget, Stelrad Radiators’ dedicated and passionate team are on hand to guide you through the many exciting options available to you. With a rich heritage in manufacturing, its experts are at the forefront of radiator innovation and everything they do is based around providing customers with quality, functional designs at the best prices on the market.

Take a closer look at what Stelrad Radiators has to offer at stelrad.com

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