The Shag is Back

Textured, sexy and fun, this iconic hairstyle has been worn by many over the years, but now it’s back with a cool, retro vibe, making it a favourite with the fashion-conscious.

Hooker & Young

Luxe columnists

Although our gorgeous model is sporting a fuller, more exaggerated, version of the look, it can be worn softer and flatter, with the key elements being the disconnected shape and lovely soft layers.

It’s a perfect look for those with naturally wavy hair, which only enhances both the shape and the texture.

But let’s not ignore this amazing colour! There’s no denying how fabulous this rich and striking copper is, made all the more gorgeous with a deeper root area, to create loads of depth and texture within the curls.

This picture is taken from one of our recent collections, which celebrate strong individual women out there who have the confidence to be exactly who they want to be.

Hair trends are much more varied these days, with a lot of women opting for styles that suit them as opposed to following a ‘trend’ which may or may not suit them. Your hair is an extension of your personality and should reflect you in every way – much like your fashion sense and individual style does.

So what are you waiting for? Release your inner diva and own your look.

Michael Young and Gary Hooker run Hooker & Young, with five salons region-wide.