EA: If you could describe your business in three words?

RV: Exciting, advanced, girl-power!

EA: Your lightbulb moment?

RV: I had just moved up to Hurworth with George and I felt absolutely determined to find my own feet up here. I was speaking to Lynne (my neighbour) who mentioned that she had this new product that they’d like to take to market, but she had no idea how. That was our lightbulb moment – she has the hands-on operations experience and I have the digital/marketing experience. We work together perfectly!

EA: How did the business form?

RV: The product was actually created by Lynne’s husband, who is a chemist. When Polytar was banned for having carcinogenic properties, a friend of his who had relied on it for years to treat his Psoriasis, was suddenly stuck without a treatment. Salicin was the alternative that took Keith four years to develop. As soon as Lynne and I got together as a team, we arranged a share certificate for both of us – she was really determined that I had something for myself. We started plotting and planning and six months later we have something that we’re really proud of.

EA: What’s your ethos?

RV: Lynne’s saying is ‘shy girls get nowt’, which always makes the southern girl in me laugh. But as a business, we’re all about delivering an effective treatment for sensitive skin, in an ethical way. Our products are vegan and natural, so there’s nothing nasty lurking.

EA: Do you have a favourite in the range?

RV: I don’t suffer with sensitive skin myself, luckily. But I use the hair and body wash as well as the conditioner as I have been known to have a few stray flakes after drying my hair. I always struggled to find shampoo and conditioners that didn’t leave my hair feeling heavy before, whereas Salicin feels quite ‘light’.

EA: Where can we buy your products?

RV: Salicin is available from our website and Mane Salon in Ingleby Barwick.

EA: What’s next for Salicin?

RV: Marketing, marketing, marketing! We’re trying our best to get the word out about our product, because we know that it really does work. Our warehouse is my spare room at the moment, so we’d like to see how quickly we can outgrow it.


Salicin Relieve & Restore Anti-Itch Cream

The brand’s signature botanical cream that instantly calms and nourishes irritated, inflamed skin. Applied as and when is needed, when skin is feeling particularly sensitive. Once applied, the cream is easily-absorbed and works hard to relieve itching.

50ml £4.95, 250ml £14.95

Salicin Cleanse & Calm Hair & Body Wash

A daily hair and body wash used for on-going maintenance of healthy skin and scalps. For daily use this fragrance-free product is the perfect way to cleanse without causing irritation or stripping your body’s natural oils.

250ml £12.95

Salicin Soften & Soothe Hair Conditioner

A nourishing conditioner that keeps hair soft to touch, without irritating the scalp. Great for regular use.

250ml £14.95

Salicin Essential Trio

The complete collection for on-going maintenance of sensitive skin and scalps, plus an anti-itch cream for flare-ups.

250ml x3 £34.95