The holiday season is a special time of year for most of us. A time where we revisit traditions, do special things and make an effort to consciously fill our days with good vibes, nice things and people that we love...
Beautifully lit Christmas tree.

But what if the joy of the festive season could be for life, not just for Christmas?

There are so many things you probably do over the holiday season that you could try doing at any point during the year to bring more flow, connection and contentment into your world…

Write a note to someone you love – why wait for Christmas to dig out the address book and send a generic greeting to someone you love? At any point in the year when you think of them, or when you miss them, you could write and send a note. In this digital age, some unexpected snail mail is always a joy to receive!

Connect with family traditions – play music from your childhood, bake your grandmother’s favourite cake, or share stories from your past. A walk down memory lane will connect you with the energy of your ancestors, which ground you and power up your energy, too.

Feed your soul – gather your favourite ingredients and take some time to bake, or cook, your favourite food.

Sit down for a celebratory dinner with your family or friends – sharing food and stories round a table always will do wonders for you.

Catch up with friends – why wait for the holiday season to cram in social catch-ups ‘before the year is out’? Pepper your calendar with dates throughout the year that will give you quality time with people you love.

Wear your best clothes – it’s always a good day to feel fabulous in a beautiful outfit that you love to wear.

Open up your home – invite your neighbours over, or tell people to pop in when they’re passing, no matter what time of year it is.

Have a PJ day – cancel your plans, cover up the clock, put your feet up and mooch about at home.

Spend a simple day in nature – bring your Boxing Day or New Year’s Day walk into any random Sunday. Head to the beach or find a forest and take a relaxed stroll, whatever the weather.

Celebrate a tree – those things that give you the very air you breathe – they’re good for you, you know! Sit quietly with one when you need to get some wisdom, pick fruit in the autumn, climb one with children in the summer, or plant a wishing or gratitude tree in the corner of your home.

Count your blessings – every day is a good day to be grateful for all the wonderful things in your life.

Have a wonderful Christmas – see you all in 2020.

With love, Laura

You can connect with Laura on Instagram @laura.beckingham

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