Our Luxe wellbeing expert, Laura Beckingham has launched a podcast called ‘Space in the City’. It’s all about finding meaning and connection in the midst of a fast, full and busy modern life...

In it, I talk to people who have found ways to bring depth and connection to their seemingly ‘normal’ lives. People who are living expansively because they know what it takes to create a fulfilling existence, without having to sack it all off and run for the hills.


Our conversations are rich and exploratory and they cover many things: the importance of simple daily practices and rituals, how to stay well while travelling, the power of nature and the importance of listening to our body’s wisdom and more.

Though each of these people’s stories is unique, some themes are already emerging about what it may take to live with more meaning. Because I know by the fact you’re even reading this that you, too, are someone who craves that in your life, in this issue’s column, I’m sharing some of those themes with you.



• If you like to say yes, you need to learn to say no – or at least learn how to say yes in a different way!

• Developing spiritual and wellness practices takes time and discipline. This doesn’t mean you have to be hard, or unnecessarily strict with yourself, but if you want these things to enable positive shifts in your life you have to show up to them again and again over time.

• Inspiration for this kind of living can come from many places, so find what feels right and what fits for you.

• The small, seemingly simple daily acts matter as much as the big experiences.

• The things you take for granted, such as nature and our own physical bodies, can be your biggest teachers.

• Reading, listening to podcasts, talking to other people and travelling helps you grow!

• Taking your important practices and rituals with you when you travel helps you to stay grounded and connected to your sense of self.

• Though developing a greater sense of meaning is an inner act, it only really matters when it is done in connection with the people and world around you.

• When you follow your joy and do things in service of ease they will always have a deeper, more meaningful and more sustainable effect.

• It’s never too late to simply begin – and from there, just keep going. I hope that these nuggets of wisdom resonate with you and perhaps stimulate your energy for creating more meaning and connection in your life. You can find the podcast in all of the usual places if you’re curious and want to listen to more.

I wish you a fruitful and expansive summer!

Take care for now, Laura

You can connect with Laura on Instagram: @laura.beckingham

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