Kassi Emadi
Founder & Managing Director, nuddy

We’re loving this new vegan venture – bringing scented soap back to life. nuddy soaps are 100% plastic-free and created using only the best ingredients right her in the UK.

There are five flirtatious flavours available, including: lime + lemon, peppermint, pink grapefruit, coconut and our personal favourite, mango! If it’s not the scents you fall for, it’ll be the feel-good glow it gives the skin – or the cheeky packaging, sure to make you smile every morning. These triple milled, shea butter soap bars have stolen our hearts… and it’s safe to say we’re “totally coco-NUTS” for nuddy.

Tell us about nuddy? 

nuddy is a independent Brit beauty brand which launched in July of last year with a debut range of 5 triple milled shea butter soap bars. They bars are 100% plastic/ cruelty and SLS free. They’re also made right here in the U.K. Our mission is to reignite a love affair between consumers and soap bars, encourage them to ditch the plastic bottles and fall back in love with the bar. nuddy is cheeky, witty and has tonnes of character. We’re stocked in over 70 stockists nationwide and in the EU including the likes of Misguided, PLT and Skinnydip. We’ve been featured in the likes of Harpers Bazaar, Daily Express, GQ, Marie Claire and Refinery29, and most recently on ITV’s This Morning.

The brains behind nuddy…

I was born and raised in Middlesbrough. Schooled in Yarm and then went to Northumbria University. After graduating I moved to London to working the fascinating world of PR and creative marketing. After just two years, I decided to quit my job and make the move back home to start working on what then became the nuddy brand. I love being a northerner, theres really nothing better. I give people cuddles not handshakes – that’s the proper way to greet someone.

Tell us about that light-bulb moment when you thought, “I’m going to make this happen”? 

Oh my goodness, if I tell you this, you won’t believe me, but… I was in the shower. How appropriate. I’d always loved using bar soap, and one day I just kind of stared at a bar of soap I was using in the shower and thought – why don’t people like soap bars? I jumped out of the shower and within about 10 minutes I had wrote half of my brand strategy focused on just HOW I could create a brand that would make people fall back in love with bar soap.

Why did you decide to return home to the North East to launch your business? 

Of course there was financial reasons involved. But I needed to be in an environment where I could truly feel comfortable enough develop the creative side of my brand. I needed space to think. Where’s the one place you (generally) are the most relaxed? Home. Home was it for me – where I could think clear.

Why vegan bar soap? 

Why not? It was easy enough to make the soaps vegan friendly, so the question I asked myself was why would we not? We want everyone to be able to use nuddy bars, we want them to be all inclusive. After all they’re amazing and no one should have to miss out.

Why is it important that we buy into the vegan market? 

I think its personal preference – what works for you and your lifestyle? I don’t think that anyone should ever feel pressured by their environment and the media. Just like anything in life, if it works for you then do it. 

Where can we buy your products in the North East? 

Five Houses Farm Shop – Crathorne
Cloud Cuckoo – Yarm
Willow Moon – Guisborough
Oswell’s – Barnard Castle
Forever Beautiful – Northumberland
Bliss Gifts – Darlington
Rejoy Beauty – Cockerton

What would you say to any young entrepreneurs in the North East looking to start their own business? 

It’s hard work. I think I was quite naive at the beginning. But if you truly believe in what you’re doing and you know in your gut that you’re on to something, DO IT. But know that it won’t be easy, nothing worth having is. There will be good days and bad days, it really is a rollercoaster. Trust your gut always. 

What’s next for nuddy? 

We have lots of exciting plans for 2019 – it’s all about growth for us. We have two new product lines in development, which is super exciting. Get ready to see A LOT more of us, we’re only just getting started.