You’ve flicked through wedding magazines, you’ve scrolled through your Pinterest feed and you’ve lost yourself in a world of beauty hacks. Whether you know exactly what you want from your bridal beauty regime, or you’re open to ideas and inspiration, the glam squad at At Sisters will gently guide you on your way to the top of the aisle.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to getting your body ready for the big day – and before you know it you’ll have an appointment list as long as your arm. The preparations the biggest party of your life can be daunting. Cue the At Sisters team – here to make you feel at ease and to help you enjoy the journey.

At Sisters has been a fond favourite in Newcastle for many years; a family hairdressing firm offering a top-class service in everything from cut and colour, to makeup and manicures. Go here for your bridal needs and you’ll leave feeling full of confidence and ready to take to the aisle.

From High Definition makeovers and show-stopping up-dos, to wow lashes and pampered pedis, the whole process is as enjoyable as it is exciting.

We’re in for the full wedding works – a trial ahead of the big day. A full day of prepping and planning, with piles of magazines to flick through, lots of chit-chat and plenty of treats. Therapists become friends and tea turns to prosecco. A day at At Sisters is a day well spent – and you’ll leave feeling a better, brighter and bride-ready you.

When it comes achieving the perfect bridal look, it’s important to combine natural beauty with bold, statement features. And there’s no better way to make a statement than with your lashes. Fluttering, flirtatious feathers will brighten your eyes, enhance your look and will add dazzling dimension to your photographs.

The Nouveau lash extensions process takes some time, but it’s worth every minute. I’m a natural blonde, so my fair hair means barely-there lashes – but it’s nothing my new bridal beauty team can’t fix.

With my first cuppa on the go, it’s time for a bit of feet-up pamper time in the new treatment rooms at the back of the salon. We talk holidays and wedding planning as my lashes begin their transformation.

In just over an hour, my once-wispy features form layers of luxe lashes. They’re weightless and whimsical, creating a facial focal point – perfect for photographs. You won’t find these lashes popping off on your pillowcase. They’re strong, long-standing and can last up to eight weeks with maintenance every two to three weeks – meaning your luxe lashes will flutter all the way from the moment you say I do, to the moment you say yes please to a honeymoon cocktail or two.

Next up, it’s the colour bar. As L’Oreal colour specialists, the stylists at this chic salon will help you alter the way you look in an exciting and effortless way. For soon-to-be brides, it’s about enhancing your signature style, rather than experimenting with colour, so after discussing my look, skin tone and the all-important dress, we’re underway with a healthy transformation from dull blonde to glowing, golden locks.

Foils are neatly applied and rinsed, before the three-step Olaplex treatment works wonders for broken bonds – a blonde’s best friend! After a wash and head massage, the stylist chops away at any unwanted hair, before a bouncy blow-dry adds dimension, ready for a show-stopping up-do. My lovely new locks are curled, layered and pinned in place for the perfect finish. Wraps, plaits and ringlets create the ultimate whimsical wedding look. Throw in some flowers and we’re good to go!

A quick dash to the nearest nail bar is my usual routine, but with time to sit back, relax and enjoy the moment, I’m moved into the parlour – a new space at the side of the salon, kitted out with nail bar, blow-dry bar and make-up station. A pampered paradise – and a space that can be hired out for girly gatherings, birthday celebrations and wedding parties.

With a glass of fizz in one hand, my dehydrated nails are brought back to life with acrylic extensions. Once constructed and shaped, a pretty peachy colour is applied and it’s another treatment ticked off the bridal beauty list.

With a fresh face of foundation, a flick of the eyelashes, a plump of the lips and a pop of colour on the cheeks, the bridal beauty look is beautifully brought together.

Using award-winning High Definition products, At Sisters’ in-house makeup artists have everything to help you achieve that long-lasting wedding-day glow.

With years of experience in all departments, the talented team will work with you every step of the way – pinning down every piece of detail, from your bouquet to your bridesmaid dresses – to ensure your wedding look flows from head to toe.

The salon itself is a serene city centre spot to soak up those special moments, or if you’d prefer the team to set up in the comfort of your own home or venue, get in touch for bespoke pamper packages.

47 Pink Lane, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 5DW, 0191 232 5821