Satisfying breakfast recipes to get your day off to the best start, inspired by countries and cultures from around the globe.
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We can’t get enough of energy-giving breakfast recipes including keto green smoothies, protein pancakes and smoothie bowls. Try this colourful one from Brazil…



1 (100g) pack frozen açaí pulp, cut into pieces
1 frozen banana, peeled and sliced
1 tablespoon honey or agave
2 tablespoons coconut water, almond milk, orange juice, or your choice of nut milk, juice, or water
4 tablespoons granola (optional) 2 tablespoons shredded coconut (optional)
Fresh sliced fruit, such as banana slices, mango and berries, for serving (optional)



In a blender, combine the açaí, frozen banana, honey and coconut water. Blend until smooth. Pour the smoothie into a bowl and, if using, top with granola, shredded coconut and sliced fruit.



In the 1970s, açaí pulp was freshly-squeezed by migrants of the Amazonian delta to Northern Brazilian cities. In the 1980s, JiuJitsu master, Carlos Gracie, froze the pulp (for a longer shelf-life) and added it to the training diet of the fighters in his gyms. In Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, the frozen pulp was sweetened and served like ice cream. Across Brazil, Hawaii and Southern California, açaí is now served in a bowl topped with granola, coconut and fresh fruit, often in beautifully- arranged patterns.


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