Give it Some Sass

In a recent survey more than two thirds of women over the age of 50 considered themselves to be in the prime of their lives. An impressive 59% felt as vibrant and young as they ever had, partly due to a focus on a healthier lifestyle and a regular fitness regime.

Hooker & Young

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Impressively, some 84% of women don’t feel defined by their age. Everywhere we look, older women are rewriting the rulebook and are at the peak of their power with a new confidence and a brand new zest for life.

Since the 1990s, fashion and personal style have become increasingly informal with a much more generic look across many different age groups.

It’s fair to say that a pair of Converse pumps and a casual suit or blue jeans can look as cool on a women in her 50s as a woman in her 20s and we are loving that attitude.

Hair can be just as timeless with so many styles working for women of all ages. Take the classic bob as an example.

There are so many variations in both length and the way it’s worn that makes this iconic cut a modern classic.

Whether you’re fun and flirty, or simple and sophisticated, this is a look that can work for most, giving you the flexibility to wear your hair in different ways.

On our gorgeous model we blow-dried the hair with volume using Schwarzkopf BC Excellium mousse for silver and white hair before using tongs to create a soft wave to give shape and movement. The result is relaxed, soft and feminine which works for both day and night, simply gorgeous!

Michael Young and Gary Hooker run Hooker & Young, with five salons region-wide.