Jules is also MD of TeaShed, which she set up eight years ago after graduating from Northumbria Uni. She is an ambassador for the charity, Children North East, which has just celebrated ten years of support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

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My family and our team at work. When I started out I was told I shouldn’t employ family and friends, but for my business, it works great. Everyone truly cares and loves it and we make a great team. Importantly, they all respect that, when needed, I have final say, but equally, I always listen to everyone’s ideas and thoughts.

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For a weekend > At home. I live in Heaton with my husband and dog. I like to freestyle recipes… with mixed results!

A long holiday > Somewhere in Asia. It would involve a bit of travelling, shopping, eating and some lazy days by the beach.

A treat > Seaham Hall Spa with an overnight stay. You can walk around wearing only a robe!

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Best food > Anything my mum has cooked! She makes the best soup in the world.

Best wine > I’m more of a pint of lager kind of gal. Although I’m really loving the alcohol-free versions for school nights

Favourite restaurant > Dobson and Parnell on Queen Street, Newcastle.

Perfect weekend > Saturdays are for gym, shopping, Margaritas and nibbles with my sister at Pleased to Meet You. Sundays – a country walk and a family Sunday dinner.

Downtime means > I’m an ambassador for Children North East, a fantastic charity which means a great deal to me. I would not be where I am today without the stability of my family. I know there are many who are not as fortunate as me, so independently and through Children North East, I like to help young people where I can.

Best telly > Just finished ‘YOU’ on Netflix – that was pretty good.

Best sounds > Craig Charles’ funk and soul show on BBC Radio 6 Music.

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Best shopping city > London markets. Start at Brick Lane then walk up to the flower market at Columbia Road, Bethnal Green. I’d buy fresh eucalyptus stalks and lilies.

Favourite shop > It’s got to be Fenwick. They were the first retailer to stock TeaShed and then four years later, Popaball.

Best buy > My first hand-operated sealing machine for Popaball. It cleared out the bank but it worked!

Luxe party >>

A memorable night out > After a festival was rained off, my sister and I went home via Manchester and stumbled across a street party.

Perfect party > Our wedding night at Baltic where we had an eight-piece band. I didn’t stop smiling and dancing the whole night – fuelled by love and drinking Margaritas out of a giant glass cocktail vase!

Best dress > My wedding dress. Made with ostrich feathers on the base and beading on top. It was magical.

Dinner date > My husband and I going to The Northumberland Hussar in Heaton, snuggled in a corner eating a burger, drinking a pint and talking about business for hours.

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My health. That is priceless.