Finding Space with our Luxe life coach, Laura Beckingham. The good days roll in with the sweet smell of spring…

You made it through the darkest days of winter! Of course, here in the North East, it’s fair to say that we’re not out of the woods yet when it comes to wintry weather. And though we can definitely expect some April showers and blustery gales, spring is definitely on its way.


The nights are getting longer, the temperature is warming up and the ‘hibernation’ vibe of the last few months is long forgotten.

At this time of year, nature invites us to look forward. ‘Yang’ energy is rising – full of warmth, dryness, light and activity – calling us out in to world and asking us to get-going.

This makes it a perfect time to try new things and a great time to set up new practise for self-care and wellness. So, this spring, why not try something new that can help you feel more connected to your sense of self and that will enable you to
live with more meaning, substance and calm.

Here are some things you could try…

Experience yoga >>

Yoga is so much more than an exercise that improves flexibility. In its essence, yoga is a way of life – a way to connect with your own energy and power, a way to calm down through connection with your breath and a way to tune in more to your physical body. These days yoga is very accessible, there are studios offering everything from fiery ‘Power Flow’ classes, to gentle, soothing Yin. If visiting a studio is not your thing (I personally love it!) there’s heaps of great stuff online too – try Adriene Mishler or Travis Eliot’s classes on YouTube to get you started.

Try meditation >>

People have meditated for thousands of years, but in recent years the concept has gone more mainstream – how wonderful for all of us!

Though you’ll often hear me say that the real zen is found in our day-to-day living, there can be huge power in establishing a gentle and regular rhythmic meditation practice. There are some great apps out there, like Headspace, or my favourite, Calm that will get you meditating for ten minutes a day in no time. The benefits are immense – with regular practise you’ll sleep better, be able to focus more easily, exercise for longer and better manage your emotions and mood. Once you’re ready to go deeper, explore Vedic Meditation, or a more modern interpretation of this practice, called Transcendental Meditation.

Explore something new! >>

There are so many wonderful holistic centres and practices popping up all over the North East. See if you can find a Soundbath class or Gong Bath, a Breathwork class or a floatation tank. Book out a couple of hours for yourself and pop along to experience something that will leave you feeling calm, connected and maybe even blissed-out!

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