Jeff Ainsley lives and breathes cars. He’s the General Manager at Vertu Specialist Cars at Silverlink, Tyneside. Home is by the sea in Tynemouth.

Luxe places >>

For a weekend > Our North East coast – I love living in such a great part of the world.

A long holiday > Caribbean for the pace of life, the service, the people, the white sands – beautiful!

Luxe relax >>

Best food > Anything new – preferably rich and bad for you.

Best wine > Sancerre.

Favourite restaurant > Rules in London – the oldest restaurant in the city – fabulous, though not sure they were ready for our party!

Perfect weekend > Outdoor activities with Molly (my nine-year-old daughter).

Downtime means > Family time and as many new experiences as possible – I never spend a full day indoors, I consider it a waste of time.

Best telly > Anything funny – and probably a bit silly.

Best theatre > Theatre Royal, Newcastle for anything.

Best book > Biography/autobiographies of people who have lived interesting lives or achieved exceptional things.

Best sounds > Anything uplifting – have recently Bluetoothed the house and discovered the wonders of Spotify – love the eclectic suggestions it throws up.

Luxe shop >>

Best shopping city > Milan, by a country mile.

Favourite shop > The Armani Store in Milan, a beautiful place over several floors with everything from couture to T.shirts – with impossibly beautiful and effortlessly cool personal shoppers – who were the best sales people I have ever come across. Customer service so good my bank account was bruised for many months!

Luxe retail treat > Bi-annual visits to designer outlet malls – I’m not really keen on shopping so I get cajoled into this by my wife and daughter, and usually end up spending more on them than myself.

Best buy > Cars – I have a passion for cars – I always have too many – I still own one car I bought almost 25 years ago!

Luxe party >>

A memorable night out > Too many to list. I’m very lucky to have a great family and have met some fantastic people over the years. Memorable nights out include “lost” nights in Manhatten nightclubs – to impromptu nights sitting around a table with good friends.

Perfect party > So far has to be my 40th – smoke machines strobe lights and 90s dance music in a marquee at home. Next will be my 50th – so I only have three years to plan how to top my 40th.

Best dress > Don’t really go for throw-away fashion – I am a little old fashioned – prefer stylish well made clothes that last for years.

Dinner date > My wife and I like having dinner parties – which usually start off civilised – move on to singing and dancing – and then tend to get a little messy and late.

Your luxe thing in life >>

Home and family. I enjoy indulging my family and enjoying a huge variety of experiences.

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