Kelly, 25, is a British female stunt and precision driver from Stokesley, Middlesbrough. Luxe gets behind the wheel to find out about her drive-time dreams...

Kelly has featured on channels including BBC One, ITV and Discovery and is company director of Stunt Drive Experience, the UK’s only purpose-built stunt and precision driving arena, based at the Teesside Autodrome.


Childhood car crush >>

Classic MINI. My Dad had a MK1 Cooper S, which he had from being 17. He just sold it this summer, which was quite upsetting. I was lucky enough to start racing a MK6 classic MINI in British Rallycross at junior level at the age of 14.

What’s in the garage now >>

BMW 3 series M Sport.

If you could own any car >>

M4 or M6, I just love my BMWs!

Captain Slow or Jeremy? >>

Jeremy, for sure. I do have a need for speed, as both my parents raced competitively – it’s in the genes!

Who should present Top Gear? >>

This may be controversial, however I loved it when Clarkson, Hammond and May presented Top Gear. I don’t think it’s been the same since. However, I did apply for the role when they casted for the new presenters, I can be very opinionated, so maybe they should’ve picked me.

Tracks of your tyres >>

It depends on my mood. I’m a 90s baby, so I love 90s and 00s dance throwbacks. However, I was brought up listening to Bon Jovi and Queen, so I do love a good road trip sing-a-long.

Dream road trip >>

My dream would be to do Route 66 – I love the USA. It’s on my bucket list.

Who with >>

I’d take my mam and dad as they love America, and my boyfriend because he’s never been to the USA.

Memorable car moments >>

My best was doing my first ever stunt and precision driving display in front of thousands of people. My worst was when I was competing in Rallycross and I had a big accident at Mallory Park.

What’s in the glove box? >> 

Pretty boring really… old CDs that only ever come out when I get a new car.

How clean is your car >>

Inside, very clean! I’m a bit OCD so hate having rubbish in my car. Outside, not too clean because I live in the countryside.

Scary moments? >>

The incident at Mallory when I was rushed to hospital in an ambulance (blue lights and everything)!

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