Trinny Woodall at Fenwick London


If you’re 40 plus

If you’ve used the same foundation for more than five years rethink how you make your skin look its best. Many women get into a habit of too much base with too heavy a foundation. Try a lighter and more glowy coverage. Our BFF is a great starting point to give you that glow without being too shiny. Top it off with our Just A Touch. Only put it where you need – don’t put it everywhere.

If you’ve done a severe eye liner in the past

Note that over a certain age our eyes change shape and the skin is less firm than it once was. That look you went for to open up the eye in your 20s and 30s is going to make your eyes smaller now and sticking with it dates you. Instead, consider using an eye shade that you smudge  around the eye to create that line.

If you are somebody who is between 40-50

You might have grown up with a lot of bronzer as one of your makeup looks. You might sprinkle it all over your face when you’re tired but bronzer by itself can flatten the features. Try dialling down bronzer and dialings up blusher, you’ll be surprised by how many women comment on how well you look!

I think many women are afraid of wearing a bright lip

Because they think their teeth are too yellow or lips are too small. Anyone can wear a bright lip, but it’s about choosing the shade that suits you the best. By doing your Match2Me on Trinny London, it will help you find the perfect palette of makeup shades that suit your unique combination of skin, hair and eye.

If you are a powder girl

Start to introduce cream based products into your life. This allows you to build your makeup up in the day without having to take it off first. It will give you a far more plumped up, glowing skin than any powder can achieve.

When we choose fragrance

It doesn’t always smell the same. As we go into each decade a fragrance we might have worn for years can feel overpowering to other people, not because you are putting more on, but because the composition of your skin and its chemicals changes. As the sense of smell diminishes as we get older it might be a time to rethink your fragrance… or put less on.

My hero products

Trinny Mircle BlurMiracle Blur is not only a miracle by name… The very nature of this tiny pot of wonder is to perform trickery on your skin and its appearance. Our Miracle Blur Lip and Line Filler, untraceably adapts to fine lines on the skin’s surface filling in and ironing out wrinkles, leaving your skin, smooth and perfectly even.

Vitamin C is probably one of the most important ingredients in my skincare regime. The powerful antioxidant fights against pigmentation, free radicals and can reduce acne scarring and melasma. It is a truly heroic ingredient that I believe everyone should be including in their routines.

Other products I love…

DCL C Scape High Potency Night Booster 30 (£108)

Why I love it:  Collagen boosting. Moisturises and protects the skin. Evens out skin tone. Promotes radiance. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Romilly Wilde Light + Energy Serum Cleanser (£54)

Why I love it: This cleanser contains 25 active ingredients. I love the balm texture which emulsifies into a milk, yet feels immensely hydrating.

Nanette De Gaspe Essence Noir Polish (£75)

Why I love it: This polish aids in detoxifying the skin by capturing micro-pollutants and impurities at its surface. Skin is purified and pores appear tight and refined.