In these early weeks of a new year, it’s easy to get seduced by the energy of planning ahead. But it's important to stay calm and start 2019 in a spacious way, says Luxe Life Coach, Laura Beckingham.

We are expected to set ‘new year’s resolutions’ create goals, set targets and make plans. Bombarded by messages of how to get it right, what to do better and how to achieve more, we can quickly find ourselves caught up in a cycle of self-judgement and anxiety.

If we’re not careful we enter the year feeling that we’re behind before we’ve even started – this can cause us to feel pressurised, restless and uneasy. In short, we are set up to fail before we begin.

So how can we do it differently?FINDING SPACE: START 2019 IN A SPACIOUS WAY

We are so used to constantly looking ahead that we often forget to look back. Only by looking back, to understand where we’ve been, consider what we’ve learned and integrate what we know, do we free ourselves up to move forward with grace and ease.

So, one way to lighten the pressure of the ‘new year’ and to set ourselves up for greater ‘success’ is to ensure we take enough time to reflect – on what’s been and what it means to us and for us.

We can do this by reviewing the year that’s just passed – evaluating what happened, considering how it was for us, and pondering on what we learned from that.

Though it’s useful to be really honest with ourselves when we do this, it’s also important that we don’t simply end up collating lists of what we should have done, or what we failed to do. We must avoid focusing too much on what we didn’t do well enough, enough of, or too much of.

Because that doesn’t help anyone.

So, over the next few days, I invite you to review the last year – and to review it in a different way, using a soft and generous lens.

Try these questions to get you started

– Whose heart did you touch?
– When did you listen to you, or to others when nobody else would?
– Where were you brave and strong?
– Where did you soften, or forgive?
– When were you completely and utterly unashamedly yourself?
– Who did you teach?
– What did you create?
– How did you stand up for what’s right?
– When did you fight for the truth?
– Which new parts of you did you push past the crap to discover?
– What did you learn about you?

Gather up everything you find, take what’s useful and use it well. Leave the rest behind where it belongs. I wish you a joyful 2019.

Take care for now, Laura.

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