Jonathan Dunkley is one of the most experienced private law practitioners in the North East. He has been a consultant solicitor at Major Family Law in Ponteland for the last four years offering guidance and advice on issues such as divorce, custody and finance disputes. He lives with his family in the Tyne Valley.
Jonathan Dunkley

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Having met a wide range of people during my professional life, ranging from psychopathic murderers to international footballers, I can get on with most people. However, these days I prefer to spend my time with people who are selfless, loyal, supportive and forgiving. Fortunately I am surrounded by people who display most of these qualities both at home and at work.

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For a weekend > Having deposited our eldest in Bristol last weekend, I loved the city so much that I vowed to fly down every other weekend to spend time with him. Despite him having all the qualities displayed above, he asked me not to bother…

A long holiday > We had a wonderful trip to the US last year – Vegas, San Diego, Newport, Monterey, Los Angeles and San Francisco. I could tolerate doing all that again, or explore the Eastern Seaboard.

A treat > I’m planning an excursion into the Arctic Circle later in the year (or my wife’s side of the bed, as she prefers to call it…)

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Best food > THE best food I’ve ever has was a plate of the most wonderful liver and mash with apple sauce at Comme Chez Nous in Budapest. Comfort food and gastronomy combined and at a bargain price. That ticks all my boxes.

Best wine > Summer and it has to be Pouilly Fume. After the clocks go back, make it Chateauneuf du Pape or Nuits St George. I’m nothing if not versatile.

Favourite restaurant > Bouchon Bistrot is just down the road from me, but that’s not the only reason it’s right up my street. Great food and ambience and a chance to dust off my rusty French. I thought I asked for “un Ricard, mais froid, tres froid, comme la neige de la montagne”. Imagine my surprise when a cup of coffee arrived with an ice cube bobbing within… I saw Gary Barlow in there once.

Perfect weekend > One with a bank holiday tagged on the end

Downtime means > Mowing the lawn on my Westfield tractor, headphones on and Groundhogs belting out their special brand of 70s prog rock.

Best telly > Sony Bravia KD65A1 OLED HDR 4K Ultra HD. If it’s screening some classic Peep Show, so much the better.

Best book > Try ‘This is going to hurt’ by Adam Kay. So funny, but so sad to see the much loved NHS dying from underfunding. Same with the Criminal Justice System, but no one seems to worry about that.

Best sounds > Tonton Macoute and their one and only 1971 album of the same name.   Do hunt it down on Spotify and tune into ‘You Make My Jelly Roll’, seven blissful minutes of your life that you won’t want back. Three West Country bus drivers who made the most perfect album, then disappeared.

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Best shopping city > Totally unqualified to comment. I’m told New York is up there, but have no wish to go unless and until the pound buys at least three dollars.

Favourite shop > Amazon, while watching Sony Bravia KD65A1 OLED HDR 4K Ultra HD

Luxe retail treat > “Retail treat”?? –  oxymoron. If someone offered to take me shopping on their card at Bloomingdales, I would tear myself away from the telly.

Best buy > Against my better judgement, I invested £250 in an old pal’s start up back in 1993. I cashed out in 1995 having doubled my money. The company is now called Homeserve PLC and has a market cap of £340 billion. Best buy, poorest sale….

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A memorable night out > Crown Posada followed by dinner at Kaltur on High Bridge. Afterwards to Cosy Joe’s for full throttle karaoke. Uber will get us home to Hexham.

Perfect party > With apologies to those who have gone before, anything without a ceilidh

Best item of dress > Proudest of my Belstaff Trailmaster Professional jacket. An Ebay pearl which arrived with a pair of Albert Steptoe fingerless gloves in the pockets!!

Dinner date > Cheryl Cole, or have I misunderstood the question??

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I’m so thankful that I now have total control over my work-life balance. It seems so difficult these days to develop a career without sacrificing the things in life that are most important. We all need to take time out to reflect on our priorities and do as much as we can to achieve true happiness for ourselves and those around us. If this requires change, embrace it.

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