Jessica Laing heads to Seaham Hall for a sporty celebration of LaVostra’s luxury activewear…

With summer behind us and a season of woolly layers, mince pies and fizz on the horizon, this time of year, you’d be forgiven for giving Lycra and five-greens-a-day a wide berth. After all, what’s Christmas without Terry’s Chocolate Orange for brekkie and afternoons spent gorging on cheeseboards in your PJs?

The only exercise I really feel like doing as the big day draws near is walking to the fridge and back. However, for those who are planning on getting in a few festive workouts over the coming weeks, I’d urge you to check out LaVostra. Because if you’re going to go to the effort of dragging yourself out for a run in the snow, you might as well look chic while doing it, right?

The company’s activewear is all kinds of dreamy – as I recently discovered during a high-energy fashion show at Seaham Hall’s Serenity Spa.

After a special Brazilian Booty Masterclass with Vivian Fonseca (a Brazilian blonde bombshell who has shot to fame in the online fitness world thanks to her hardcore bum-building workouts), we took to our seats, cocktails in hand, ready to be wowed by this season’s hottest activewear.

Created by North East businesswoman and active CrossFitter, Jocelyn Maxfield, LaVostra showcases and celebrates the best in luxury activewear from the USA and beyond – the same, high-quality gear that Jocelyn found and wore while living and working in the States.

After countless “where are your leggings from?” comments from her UK chums, she was inspired to set up her own online business, redefining activewear by making her favourite high-performance brands from overseas accessible to a British market.

LaVostra’s website is a haven for any fashion-forward fitness fan. Log on and you’ll find a diverse range of handpicked high-end alternatives to everyday sportswear, with tried, tested and adored activewear from favourite US, Scandinavian and Australian brands such as Lilybod, Naked Princess, Onzie, Nux and more.

Women of all ages, shapes and sizes showed off a number of these during Seaham’s sensational fashion show; stylish, colourful and functional pieces, including sports bras and leggings, tops, shorts and loungewear, to help runners, weight-lifters, yogis, dancers and everyone in between feel confident and comfortable during their workouts.

Part of LaVostra’s AW18 collection, they’re available to buy now. Pop a few bits on your Christmas wish list if you know what’s good for you, or get your hands on them now and pump some iron in style before Santa arrives.

LaVostra is offering Luxe readers an exclusive discount! Use the code LUXE15 and enjoy 15% off your purchases from 1 – 30 November 2018.

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