Some might say that ‘spirituality’ is not for them, and that ‘hippy’ or ‘wellbeing’ products are a waste of time; but not many would say they don’t want to feel calmer, less frenzied and more connected and we’re all looking for tools to help us feel more like us.

Life, no matter how fulfilling, is busy, full and at times frantic.

We all want to feel more grounded in our sense of self and more relaxed, more often. If we’re lucky, our homes can be a sanctuary: a place that we can escape from the madness, do our own thing and unwind at the end of a long day. Bringing the right products and tools in to our homes can enhance our sense of wellbeing, and integrating simple rituals in to our daily lives, with their help, can enable us to feel more centred, tranquil and present.

If you’re curious to experiment in this space, here are some of my top tips on what to use and how, to get you started:


Wake up with a ‘sunrise alarm’ light >

Synthetic light isn’t good for us, and at this time of year in particular, we miss the energy boosting qualities of natural light. Waking up in the dark is never pleasant or easy, and a ‘wake-up’ light can off-set this, making for a softer and brighter start. The best also come with a ‘sunset’ option, so you can drop off to sleep more naturally too.

Hold a ‘tea ceremony’ for yourself >

Good quality, loose leaf tea is pure plant medicine. Buy high grade Oolong or similar, boil your water (over a flame if possible) and make a cup of tea to drink in silence in the garden. There’s no better way to start the day well or get some calm in the middle of a busy schedule, whilst reaping the benefits of connecting with nature.

Burn Palo Santo or White Sage >

(Make sure it’s from a sustainable source). This ancient practice known as ‘smudging’ has its origins in many indigenous shamanic cultures. Known to sterilise the air with their natural antiseptic properties, Palo Santo and White Sage also ‘clear’ stagnant energy, so are a great tool for enhancing the calmness of your physical space.

Mist essential oils in a water-based diffuser >

Try Bergamot to relieve anxiety, Vetiver or Ylang Ylang for grounding at the end of the day and Peppermint to enhance the clarity of your thinking.

Take Epsom salt baths >

Epsom Salts are pure magnesium, so soaking in them has lots of benefits – namely drawing toxins from the body, whilst simultaneously replacing lots of much needed minerals, which busy, city-based lives strip from our systems. Buy medical grade salts and use one or two cups in your bath once or twice a week.

Go to the yoga mat >

Yes yoga is good for the body, but more importantly it’s great for the heart and soul. If you’ve got a mat in the cupboard, you can easily take 15 minutes for yourself to practice. There are some great teachers online that you can follow for free.

I’d love to hear your reflections – you can tweet me @space_with_inTake care for now, Laura.

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