We enjoy a personalised pizza party at Newcastle’s newest pizza joint, serving up sensational slices for all tastes, appetites and diets...

Hang out

Perfectly positioned on Grey Street, Pizza Punks is a slice of foodie heaven for the region’s pizza-lovers – the new ‘in’ place in Newcastle for dreamy dough, made your way. With a fun, hip, laid-back vibe, it’s bound to be a big hit with the city’s students and young guns, but we saw plenty of happy couples and families digging in to sensational sourdough. The Newcastle hang-out is the chain’s first UK restaurant – you’ll find the other two over in Glasgow and Belfast.

Decked out

From a decor standpoint, we love the cool, underground vibes. Think big, bold graffiti slapped against scuffed whitewash brickwork, industrial-style lighting, bright neon signage, a buzzy bar and, towards the back, a giant stove churning out crisp and bubbling pizzas, topped with all sorts.


A mix of pimped-up gin, mojitos, craft beers and American-style soft drinks, like cherry pop soda and strawberry lemonade. Try a ‘freakshake’ if you think you can stomach it – huge Kilner jars, filled with ice cream, sauce, brownies, biscuits, berries and more!

Food matters

Hand-stretched, wood-fired pizzas – you can opt for either sourdough or gluten-free. Simple, yes, but what makes this place so appealing is that diners are given the freedom to design their dream pizza – with unlimited toppings for one set price (yes you heard right). Pick whatever – and as much – as you fancy, right down to the sauce and type of cheese(s). There’s plenty on offer for veggies and even vegans, too. The options are endless, so bring your appetite and go mad!

What we ate

After kicking things off with a sizzling skillet of mac ’n’ cheese (£4), creamy and oozy with mature Scottish cheddar, and a basket of crispy rosemary and sea salt garlic bread (£3.50), it was time for our very own pizza party. Our chum went vegan, topping their gluten-free base with the kitchen’s signature San Marzano tomato, basil and garlic sauce, before topping with creamy vegan cheese and all the veggies. Fluffy falafel, red onion for crunch, black olives, mushrooms, artichokes, sweetcorn… the list was endless, but the result was to-die-for. Great vegan pizzas are hard to come by around these parts, but the guys behind the stove-action knocked it out of the park. As for us, we opted for a sourdough base, which arrived just as we’d hoped; crisp and charred around the edges, with a doughy, puffed-up centre. Delish. We fancied some tang, so tried a blend of BBQ and tomato sauce for our base – which we definitely recommend – and a mix of goats cheese and parmesan. Toppings stretched from veggie sausage and glossy tangles of caramelised onions, to broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes and mushrooms. Absolutely faultless by our count, coming in at a tenner each. Puds weren’t needed, but we indulged in them anyway. For us, a dainty tumbler glass filled with sweet vanilla ice cream (£4), a slick of chocolate sauce and chocolate chunks, while our chum tackled (and conquered) a giant vegan freakshake (£6). Expect a few chilly scoops of dairy-free chocolate ice-cream, topped with biscuity Oreo rubble, thick chocolate sauce and homemade vegan brownie bites. A must-try.

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